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Did you know that laughter is essential for a healthy life?

Probably you heard this before. But this is so true. It purifies us from within. Laughter helps healing wrinkles and takes out of you suppressed emotions.

Focus yourself on the present moment because is rich enough by it’s simply existence. You must tell yourself that all the worries will pass and nothing is permanent.

Ramona Crisstea - Laugh and be happyLaugh and be happy Ramona Crisstea

To have a daily satisfaction you can create a list with the things that you enjoy the most. Have it always near you and try every day to tick something. The joy of life is found in the little things, and we don’t have to let go of our freedom, modesty and kindness. Happiness can become a physical and mental workout that we do every moment of our life. We must learn to protect ourselves for anything and create from our life a shelter of happiness and know that there is our place to live.

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Laugh and be happy - Ramona Crisstea

We should chase happiness and the ultimate good in ourselves and our minds, we should be free and create our own esthetics of existence. Everything can make us happy.

And one more question.

Did you prepare your boots because tonight Nikolaus Santa is coming?

You can already feel the holidays coming and how all the wrongs are made right near the end of the year. We begin to forget and leave everything aside. Maybe this is because I love so much this month, because is the month of happiness and gifts.

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What I wore:

Bag: H&M

Jeans:Vero moda



Ramona Crisstea

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58 thoughts on “ Laugh and be happy ”

  1. Love! You look stunning! 🙂 Also…I must have those boots! Love your message here as well. Well all could stand to laugh a little more and live in the moment and nothing helps me live in the moment more than a good outfit and some makeup. It’s a relaxing process 🙂

  2. Life is about change…ebb and flow. And about being happy…it seems the media is stepping up the campaign to keep people scared and on edge. Giving in to fear is letting someone or something control you.

    I am glad to see you are having a great weekend!


  3. Hm, I’ve adopted an approach according to what Adyashanti teaches: acceptance. What you said here sounds so close to the obsession with being happy all the time, organized, systemized, all under the management of the mind.
    Focusing too much on being happy as much as possible can interfere with being oneself.
    It can also assist it, depending on the situation. It is difficult to give generalized advice, since everybody’s life experience is different and one person’s medicine can be another person’s poison. One has to dig deep to find some general principles.
    Whatever we try to avoid, to run away from, to fight and defeat, we allow to have control over us. (We might succeed despite that, but when not, we are prompted to find a better way.) Having to shelter oneself is actually quite the saddening idea.
    Winning without fighting is the art. Getting things done without doing. Entering a compromise with life that is uncompromising. Effort is not a virtue. It occurs when it needs to and needs to go when it served its purpose.
    It is not the laughter that heals, because there must be a nourishing state for it. It comes from opening the heart, and that comes from acceptance. Laughter is a symptom.
    I can watch sitcoms and laugh at the wit of the jokes made, and it can lead down a path of unhappiness.
    I can watch sitcoms and be filled with a feeling of love for the beauty conveyed.

  4. Ramona Crisstea I feel honoured that you found the contents of my humble blog loveable and I wish that you could tutor and sometimes post a link from my blog in yours. I admire your humility and genuine originality. Thank you
    -Irene Ikiriko

  5. Thanks for following my blog, I admire your originality and humbleness. I’m at a very humble beginning in blogging and I ask for a tremendous favour that you share my blog link on your blog. Thank you for finding my humble contents loveable. Nice outfit by the way.
    -Irene Ikiriko

  6. All of the wrongs made right at the end of the year. Yes! All those thing we worried about worked out one way or another! Your message to chase happiness reminded me of this quote by Hafiz: “Ever since happiness heard your name, it’s been running through the streets trying to find you!” Best wishes, and thank you for following, “Anything is Possible!”

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