Today is the 15th of January 2015.The day I turned 21. My birthday.
Every one of us has a special day every year, a day that belongs to us, a day that is very special for us, our family and friends. Even though you think it was a perfect day, it was a very long one and I can’t really begin to describe it.

Today is my birthday and I did not want to celebrate it. In one word I didn’t want anything. I really wished to move on and not be sad that someone would forget about it or couldn’t be present like in previous years.
Unconsciously it did happen to me to forget about my birthday, 2 times I asked what day is today right when we had to confirm our presence at a mechanism laboratory. Everyone started to laugh and ask: How can you ask what day is today? Is your birthday!

My birthday started with an exam and a walk to the car service because the car broke down.Missing our bus, me and my boyfriend had to present a paper at mechanics. While we were waiting for the engineer to tell us what was the problem with the car we were writing the paper. The laboratory classes passed and after that I had another exam. Tiredness began to make its presence, I couldn’t even think it was my birthday or to celebrate it. I arrived at the mall to do last-minute shopping, took some wonderful pictures to immortalize great moments and I received a wonderful gift from my boyfriend and all I wanted to do next was to go home, drink a glass of champagne, watch a movie and in the end to realise that even though I did not celebrate it was still my birthday.sdgdsfhfgjhgjhkjh

The night was not over yet. A surprise awaited me. My dear friends came to my home and I forgot to mention a thing, that I did not prepared a cake due to all the exams and the agitation. I was very happy to see that they brought a cake and came unannounced even though I did not plan anything. I really appreciated everything, the cake, the present and of course their presence. The end of the day was way over my expectations.

My birthday!

Thank you all for everything!

Mwa :*


Best wishes,CR


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  1. I hint about my birthday and mail at Christmas, because cards mean so much to me. (No mere e-mail, for those who know me personally enough to have the address)! I know if people knew that and didn’t forget, they would WANT to send those wishes. So why not leave a reminder? But to skip your birthday because you don’t like to be disappointed; that’s no good! You dread disappointment because you do CARE. I’m glad your friends didn’t wait for you to plan something; which you should, so as to never feel your very special day went without any excitement. Next time plan anything, something to mark the date. This time, I’m glad these friends did it for you. Enjoy your new age!

  2. Happy Birthday late!! I enjoy your pictures! You are a beautiful lady!! Thanks for the story of Dragobete! Your dress you made was beautiful also! I will continue to follow your page. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. I know this is an older post, but I enjoyed reading it, and particularly loved the photos at the end. Such a beautiful young couple.You are young and strong, working hard, playing some, and have lovely friends. What a wonderful time in life you are at. I like to be a fly on the wall and read your blog and see some some of it.

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