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Exterior beauty will never shine unless is in harmony with inner beauty. Never forget this!

Lately, I discovered something interesting, that dresses have a very important place in my style. I never reject a new type of dress or dresses with interesting colours. In my opinion anything can suit us if we feel good about it and if we show confidence wearing it. Today I wore a dress that I got from EVERPRETTY site. I find it to be just perfect for this period of the year, when one of my favourite flowers blossoms, the lilac. This dress is perfect for a walk in the park with a big bouquet of lilac. I feel so good wearing this dress and I want to add that it can be worn at many events. It is that type of dress in which you will make an impression with its elegance, but not drag all the views due to the simple stich. You will feel beautiful and elegant. I have to admit that in this case the colour takes an important role.


Ramona Crisstea-Be yourselfBe yourself - ramona crissteaRamona Crisstea 4lilac


I enjoyed that day so much with my dress and that huge bouquet of lilac. I have to confess that I never had such a big bouquet of lilac until then. It is such a pleasure to share with you those beautiful moments spent in the park.   


Ramona Crisstea Be yourselfRamona Crisstea 2Lilac flowerDetail lilac

What I wear:

Dress – HERE 

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  1. Great styling as I’ve come to expect on your blog, but the dress and shoes matched with my favorite flower, lilac, is so eye-catching. Beautiful photography! Lovely pictures you’ll always have…

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