Recently I spend most of my days organizing every corner of my house, finalizing university projects and create all the clothes that I will be needing in my trip. However, this order of my is just a total mess for other people. It takes me quite some time and I try to go out with my friends and take advantage of their birthdays in order to change the routine.


Now we are in December and I feel a lot of things accumulated along the year and I try to finish it fresh and resolve all my problems. I can’t wait to start the new year full of surprises. Probably you feel the same. It is nothing wrong in doing everything well at the end of the year and making it memorable. Don’t let a bad year affect you and catch up with these fee last days.♥


What I wore:

Sunglasses – HERE

Jacket – HERE

Bag – HERE

Skirt – HERE

Best wishes, ramonacrisstea


22 thoughts on “ Changes ”

  1. Indeed it is time to organize and tidy up for the year. Normally for the lunar new year there is a lot of cleaning of the home and getting rid of clutter etc. Fortunately we had been doing this consistently over the year, less work now…!

  2. Make the most of these last days of the calendar year- whether you observe Christmas on 12/25, or according to the Eastern Rite, or not at all, this time of year can be festive and beautiful.

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