You know the internet is full of information and inspiring stuff, art and the creations of children are so beautiful and must be appreciated. Maybe most of us want to start creating and we can learn from those who succeeded. But where do you find them?

Most of the time you can’t find them and you keep wondering what is that persons inspiration to create or dress. What did he search on Google or YouTube to learn that? He must have a person which inspires him. And this applies for every one of us even if we admit it or not. The proof lies in the things that we search daily. But then comes a moment when we find something new and incredible and we wonder “why didn’t I think about that?” or “could I create that?”

Believe me or not but Pinterest is a book full of never-ending, spectacular images and I really appreciate their work. But when I search something specific is quite hard because even if I find it I wonder if it is the one I was searching and that makes me search for more. Believe me but I don’t know yet how to use Pinterest at its fullest. I save a lot of photos on my laptop, PC, phone. They are everywhere. Yes I am a girl and I am a little messy, but when I find the pictures are I consider them very useful.

And I thought to give you 5 minutes of inspiration from the things that inspire me on a daily basis. Take a look:




Best wishes, ramonacrisstea



26 thoughts on “ 5 minutes of inspiration ”

  1. Ramona, I love Pinterest too. I think the most I use it for is to find inspiration from celebrity outfits, my two favorites being Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. Pinterest has been a life saver when I buy something and have no idea what accessories I should style it with or what piece of clothing I should pair it with. Helps a lot!

  2. It is a treat to see what inspires the fertile imagination.

    I liked the last image best. So 40/50’s retro. It also made me think of one of my favourite artists. Alberto Vargas and his works are stunning. Well stunning before he went to work for Playboy. That image also made me think of another one I really like and that is Jennifer Janesko.

    Thanks Ramona!

  3. I wonder if the amount of stuff available to us on the internet can eventually hinder creativity. I find I am inspired more by what I see walking than what I find tirelessly searching; I guess in the end its and individual thing 🙂

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