I want this month to be an adventure for me. I have a big plan for myself and you. I don’t want to waste a single day and I really want to see all my objectives come true. My list became quite long and most likely I will be very tired, but all that matters is the joy of achieving my goals. Today I find myself in Bistrita and I explore it with a loose and a bit traditional outfit.


I had these pieces in the wardrobe for quite a while, however I managed to avoid or forgot about them. In my opinion every single one of us should do a wardrobe “investigation” every month in the search for new items. For me, the best time for this investigation is before I go on a trip. This is such a happy moment to me because I don’t have to go to the shops again and waste time buying new pieces. In order to save time I always buy more items during the sales periods. This way I will always find in my wardrobe clothes for any occasion.

Ramona Crisstea - street styleRamona-Crisstea-details Traditional-outfit-Ramona-Crisstea

You should give it a try!

Best wishes, ramonacrisstea


63 thoughts on “ A bit of modern and traditional ”

  1. Greetings,

    You look *amazing* here. The outfit and the sunglasses are stunning. The sunglasses flatter you very nicely. The blouse, skirt, and shoes are so very nice, with their intricate detail.

    Quite frankly, it all comes together with you being very beautiful here :).

    All good wishes,


  2. Love the outfit. 🙂 Old is new again.
    I keep promising to sort my clothes, one in one out, or monthly search like you mentioned. Can you tell me why I fail? Lol

  3. I love rediscovering new pieces that have been hiding in the closet! That skirt is killer. You look amazing! Looking forward to reading more of your posts. 🙂

  4. Great way to modernizing a classic folky dress! You look very good in this outfit and I think a wardrobe investigation idea is very good solution of many problems 😀

  5. Bonjour de biens belles coutures

    Entre nous , nous avons scellé un pacte celui de l’amitié

    Cette amitié une fleur qui s’épanouies au fis des jours des mois des années

    Ces pétales ont eu du mal de s’ouvrir au départ mais ensemble

    On en a pris soin et ses pétales ce sont grandes ouvertes

    Comme la naissance d’un enfant

    Alors empêchons cette fleur de se faner

    Je t’embrasse passe une agréable journée


  6. Smashing! 🙂 It’s all good. Interesting to see peoples take on which part of the ensemble was “traditional” and which was “modern”. I found the top to be more traditional, possibly because of the lace work. Beading on the skirt? Kind of used to that if your ancestors and relatives were indigenous peoples. Very nice look all around.

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