It has been such a long time since my last road trip to another town and visiting new, beautiful, interesting places, taking pictures and shopping.

I really needed that!

What did I do? I attended to a civil wedding, enjoyed a coffee in a unique coffee-house, last-minute shopping, visiting a tower with frightening stairs, meeting new persons and much more..ramonacrisstea

When you are going on an adventure the best thing is that you never know what will happen next. I love the suspense, unexpected things which gives me a special feeling. Every moment seems magic and everything seems out-of-place. You learn to love every new thing and experience.


Oradea was such a pleasant surprise for me. Even though I have visited this city many times I always find new places to visit.


I arrived at the countryside and believe me I missed it. It seemed like an eternity since I laid foot in a village. So much green! Incredible. The food was exceptional. I missed it so much! The most important thing in life is to enjoy those moments because you never know if you will experience them again. The exceptional traditional food made by Romanian countrymen!


This whole adventure prepared a special place for me. I simply love it, especially when I see such beautiful places that my Romania can offer. Believe me it is an exceptional country with a vast history and tradition. I had the pleasure to take photos in a gorgeous manor with a beautiful garden! Truth be told it was abandoned but it was beautiful nonetheless.


Everything lasted a day. Can you believe it?

A day!

A day full of joyful places and experiences. Not to rush is everything I wanted. It is such a great idea to have these great road trips because we need them.  Our body need these experiences just like a big breath of air! This way we can recharge our batteries and we forget about the routine and problems.




Try and enjoy the simple pleasures of life!

Life is beautiful!


Best wishes,ramonacrisstea


40 thoughts on “ Adventure in Oradea ”

  1. Great write up! And you are right…it is great to break the daily routine. Even something small can help one pull back from the daily grind and see things that are different. An opportunity to wake up.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. “The most important thing in life is to enjoy those moments because you never know if you will experience them again.”
    And the challenge is to enjoy them not with that in mind, so that it doesn’t create a fear of scarcity. 🙂
    Or maybe that’s simply a lifestyle choice about mellow vs. rollercoaster. Fears can be useful. They create half of the life experience, after all.

    1. Of course sometimes fears can be helpful but never let fear dominate you because it will ruin everything. And again yes enjoy those moments without that fear in your mind.
      Thank you for your feedback!
      Best wishes, R

    2. I rode the gravitron at the fair the other day and I was scared but it was all in all really really fun.
      I maniacally laughed during the whole ride.

  3. Another beautiful post. Yes, we must savor the moments of excursions, they help to recharge the positive within us, lest we be broken by the negatives in life.

  4. Three years ago I visited Dumbrava and Judet Timiș România. I also spent the night in Timișoara. I enjoyed my visit very much and met some very wonderful people.

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