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It’s nice to have a crush on someone. It feels like you are alive, you know?

Scarlett Johansson


When you think about the word alive you can associate it with a lot of things. But what makes you feel alive after all? Saying appetite for life is not the word because most of the time we crave to achieve something and say that our life has a meaning. Doing the things we love we can say that we are alive. Some persons say that you can feel alive through others. Through that person which we consider perfect and which is near us all the time. That person can be most of the time the reason we feel alive and not the pursuing of our career. All of these things are up to very person. No option should be judged because it may be the way that persons manifests in life and feels alive.

Ramona CrissteaRamona Crisstea-alive

Or maybe you feel alive when you wear one of your favorite cardigans. Yes I am just kidding. But truth be told I really love that cardigan. I can say that I love cardigans in generally very much. I find them so comfy and so suited for this season. Moreover are very easy to wear. Even if I can say that some cardigans don’t suit me because of my height, I deny this fact and wear them on any occasion.

Ramona Crisstea -alive

What I wore:

Cardigan: HERE

Shirt: Uterque

Jeans: Zara

Sandals: New look

Ramona Crisstea - alive post


Best wishes, ramonacrisstea





37 thoughts on “ Alive ”

  1. I saw that you recently liked one of my posts and came to check your blog out! I must say I am very impressed, with all aspects of your blog. I love your outfit in this post and I totally love cardigans too! Will deffinitely be checking in again xo

  2. I suspect ‘feeling’ Alive can differ from ‘being Alive. 😉 As it means it may something different for individual persons….
    Have to say I DO love that second picture. Methinks it is a superb shot of you. Hugs!

  3. Hello! Thanks ever so much for liking my artwork and following my blog! I really like the design of this site. Best of luck to you, cheers for now!

  4. Hey Ramona, do you want or need an editor? I know the English language is one of the trickiest of all to master, so if you ever need help with a quick double check before posting let me know and I’ll help you.

  5. Hey 🙂 Nice theme! Being alive is a thing that turns to be very personal! It is even valid use fashion as a tool to feel alive. How many times do we use some colour or design and we think “Humm…it has something that makes me feel great, awesome & wild!” ?!

    Well, congratulations for the post & best wishes from doliveirafashionblog.com <3

  6. How do you put the settings and clothes together? Being alive is full of happy accidents, but the yellow pipes and the yellow border of the pattern, the rigidity of the ornamental wall set against the wandering part, the aloof regard of the professional model piercing the curling cascade of your hair, the blocky geometry of fabric fields punctuated by the moldings of fingers, ankles and toes. Is this spontaneous accident (“Oh, wow! Look at that wall! Let’s take some pictures.”), artifice (meeting with architects and fashion designers to pair location with cardigan), or genuine artistry of the self (collecting things that please you and putting them together when the mood feels right)?

    BTW: is there a story to go with that wall?

  7. Feeling alive and passionate about life makes each day a blessing. Rather than passively wait for this, we need to seek our own destinies and CREATE them. When a person understands their purpose and truly experiences PASSION, life poses no limits.

  8. Having a crush is a positive feeling. But I like the word inspiring, I have a life mentors who inspires to become better. I live everyday remembering them and the memories we shared. Hope I get to meet them again, and I pray you’ll find people who will inspire you positively. God bless!

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