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While some of us are not eager for Autumn, I think everyone can agree that this season is one of the most pictographic. Just all it’s coldness can offer you such different nuances of colours which work perfectly together. However, it is a bit sad because this period represents the last cycle of nature that managed to end with a bang. Because of the powerful colour palette around us, it is quite difficult to stand out in this picture. Our tendency is to wear the same nuances and colours and because of that we are lost in the landscape. However, through this new post I propose you a new approach of an outfit and I thought that a bold blue would work perfectly especially when we talk about an embroidered dress and a bag with the same colour which complements the outfit.


The embroidery started to make a stand in the latest collections, having a high potential, and I am happy that I have chosen to wear the Dezzal embroidered dress. When it comes to bags, I still choose the tiny ones because I think they fit better with my style.

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This is one of the bags dear to me because was personalized and madeΒ by Wild Inga with one of my favourite quotes “Go wild for a while”. The bag was manually crafted from real leather and I am convinced it will be by my side a long time from now due to it’s quality. The quote that I have chosen for the bag couldn’t work better with the strong colour, making this bag imposing with a unique design.

I am sure you will find the Scarlett bag more and more in my blog posts and I want to show you more ways to match and wear a bag of different colour than basic. Don’t be afraid to acquire such a bag because it can help your outfits get out of anonymity.

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What I wore:

Bag – HERE

Dress – HERE

Boots – HERE

Sunglasses – HERE

Other sunglasses model – HERE

Best wishes,Β ramonacrisstea


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  1. OMG! What a beautiful dress! I wish I had one lol.
    BTW, we have migrated from wordpress to self-hosted. So, please check our new blog (I am contacting you because you are my old blog’s follower).

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