Now that I am home I can review all the events that happened in the last few days. I had a special Christmas and I managed to visit many places that I wanted such as museums, different streets from Vienna and also some Christmas Fairs from different districts. I took the metro every evening and even this way I managed to enjoy the Christmas spirit. I am on the way on finishing a short video with my adventure and I can’t wait to share it with you.


Before going on a trip is a must to do a short list with all the places that you want to visit depending on your budget. In todays word you can find anything on the internet, from how expensive is the metro for a week to what buses to take in order to get to the museums. It is quite foolish to start looking during your vacation what to visit because you will waste your time, time for which you are paying. In addition to that, you don’t want to come home and realize that you haven’t visited half of the places that you wanted because you couldn’t decide what to do.


What matters the most when you go in a vacation is to enjoy it and never rush. It is such a pain when you are stressed in order to get from one place to another. You must relax and even though your plan from home is not fulfilled completely is not a problem.


My favourite part of this trip was the Belvedere Palace which today is a museum and I wanted very much to visit it for it’s architecture and also for the famous Klimt picture, The Kiss. Another museum that I was very enthusiastic about was the the Museum of Natural History where I wanted to see the dinosaurs.


ramona-crisstea-belvedere ramona-crisstea-museum ramona-crisstea-museum-3 ramona-crisstea-museum-2 ramona-crisstea-museum-1

Another place that you can visit is the Aquarium which is very imposing. However, I spent two days at the Schonbrunn Palace because it has so much to offer. It is so big and I think you will need quite some days in order to visit it fully. I did not managed to visit the Sissi part of the palace, that I wanted the most, but I am not sad because I know I will return.

maimutica ramona-crisstea-schonbrunn

The Christmas Fairs are located in different districts and are worth it. However, you must know that these fairs are closing at 6 PM along with all the shops, supermarkets and restaurants.

ramona-crisstea-christmas-3 ramona-crisstea-christmas-4ramona-crisstea-christmas-1

You will find a whole bunch of museums and when I got home I realized that I would have wanted to visit 4 or 5 more. However, I am convinced that I will manage to visit them the next time.

In conclusion, I will give you more details in my next posts but I hope you will consider spending a Christmas or even a vacation in Vienna someday!

Best wishes,ramonacrisstea




17 thoughts on “ Beautiful Christmas time – Vienna ”

  1. Never visited your side of the globe but it is on my list. Looks wonderful!

    Also, I work in the tourism industry and it is sad to see people fight over small things on vacation. It is great to plan but if the plans are not working then do something else! It is about relaxing and most importantly about being out of your normal element and doing something different than just working.

    One case, I saw a mother screaming at her daughters that they ruined her itinerary and the whole vacation and this was a mere half hour before the new year celebration on Disney property. What a way to bring in the new year…

    And to you, Ramona. Have a wonderful new year!

  2. Amazing pictures, Ramona! I especially love the one of the ice cream cone. It looks so perfect. Thank you for the blog ‘like’!

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