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\While I was at home I thought that I should start sewing again. So, last year I went to Bistrita, where I get my materials in order to create some pieces for my vacation in Vienna. Somehow, I only managed to finish one dress because I was very busy with the University projects. However, this dress was very comfortable and I liked it a lot. The dress was more than perfect for Vienna streets and especially the gardens of Schonbrunn.

By the way, did you know that this year the bell sleeves dresses and blouses are a must?


It seems that my obsession, that I will talk about in my future posts, about how I started to create, from coats to dresses with bell sleeves, became a must this year. I am very happy about that and I even encourage you to give them a try. Probably I will make a small tutorial on how you can create your own bell sleeve blouse, because I am sure these pieces will have very high prices in the stores this year.

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What I wore:

Dress – Designed by me

Boots –HERE

Dress – Wolford

Bag – HERE

Best wishes,ramonacrisstea




16 thoughts on “ Bell sleeve dress – a must ”

  1. You’re beautiful. And the dress is absolutely stunning. Either the photographer loves you or the camera does. Or a little of both. If I could make my own clothes I’d probably do that too.

  2. I think the bell sleeve is here to stay. I have a burgundy knee length dress (more of a A line style) with a small bell sleeve from Related I bought last year that I still haven’t worn (!) I need to bring it out into the light!

  3. That is a wonderful venue for the photos! The dress is gorgeous and you wear it well, though bell sleeves always make me think you’ve got something up your sleeves.

  4. That dress 😍😍 it’s so beautiful. The background is amazing as well πŸ‘ŠπŸ½can’t wait to catch up on your blog posts x

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