This year I saw the movie Woman in Gold and I can say that it was very emotional just as you probably already know. Since then I was very curious about Klimt painting and I knew that many of his creations can still be found in Vienna. I wished so badly to visit the Belvedere Palace especially for theirs most prised possession, The Kiss painting. It is just perfect. In addition to that, it was delightful to admire many more art pieces and I couldn’t help to notice the extraordinary beautiful architecture of the palace. The Belvedere Palace is worth visiting if you ever find yourself in Vienna and I guarantee you will not regret it. Even those of you who don’t like art I am sure will remain impressed.

ramona-crisstea-at-belvedere-4 ramona-crisstea-at-belvedere-2 belvedere-1 ramona-crisstea-at-belvedere-3 ramona-crisstea-at-belvedere-1

What I wore:

Coat – HERE

Bag – Wildinga

Boots – HERE

Shirt – HERE

Happy new year!!

Best wishes,ramonacrisstea


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  1. Another grand palace in Vienna! I enjoy fine paintings, though not a collector. Klimt is not an artist with whom I am familiar, so an exploration of his works would be quite fascinating.

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