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Last weekend was a very special one for me. My best friend got married. I could not believe how the years passed. I remember us being little playing and spending time together. Now our childhood is left behind and we must create our own families.

I was one of hers bridesmaid and from the beginning was put the problem of how will the bridesmaid dresses look. We couldn’t agree on a specific colour and we probably we wouldn’t have managed even if the bride told us. However, she had a big surprise at the wedding. All of the bridesmaids, including me were wearing red dresses. It was such a lovely surprise for all of us. Even though firstly I wanted to wear a purple bridesmaid dress, I found many more on the Aisle Style. I was very surprised to learn that one of the bridesmaid bought her dress from Aisle and told us that the bridesmaid dresses were so cheap.



I have to say that it was such a beautiful wedding with the loved ones and a lovely surprise from us, the bridesmaids.


Ramona Crisstea


Tips: In order for you to succeed in the surprise, the bridesmaids can decide on a colour even if the bride is not imposing one. It would be such a great surprise for her.

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