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I wish life would be a never-ending journey. Actually it is a journey, you must choose the type of journey you want. You can get the journey of your life or the journey of life. For me these two things are different. We want so badly to have the journey of our life to know that it is our gift for us, a new view, a window to the world that teaches us the traditions.

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This is my advice: don’t let time pass, take your loved ones and search the world of things that you never thought that existed. This is the answer. ♥

I got some beautiful days with my loved one, we visited museums, walked, ate at beautiful places and learned a lot of stuff. Budapest is one of the cities that I wanted to visit so badly and for sure I will return there because no matter how much you think you visited it’s not even a quarter of this full of history city. You realize that history is untouched, everything is so well-preserved and you want to step inside those old buildings to learn its history when were built.

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I can say it was my greatest pleasure to visit this gorgeous city and I have some advice for your future trip.

1.I bet you know about the wonderful bridges and their story. You must visit them.

2.The first museum that I visited was House of Terror, a modern museum but full of grief, the grief of people who were sacrificed during the Hungarian communist and fascist periods.

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3.Historic Budapest baths.The historic thermal baths are one of Budapest’s best features. You can try the relaxing Turkish bathhouse or a Neo-Baroque Palace for a relaxing evening in the healing waters.

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4.Budapest’s Ruin Pubs are so lovely and relaxing during summer.

And don’t forget that Budapest is and it will be a city of love. It will be so great to visit it with your loved ones. Did you know that most of us when we go on a trip or for a movie we choose a loose outfit? But why?  So much history deserves from us an elegant outfit. Here are pictures from my first day. I knew what to expect when I visited this city but everything was over expectations and I am happy that I managed to get  a bit of elegance even though Budapest has shown me plenty.

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What I wore:

Sandals : Zara

Skirt : Made by me

Bag : H&M

Shirt : Zara

Sunglasses : H&M

Best wishes, ramonacrisstea


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  1. Thanks so much for following my blog 🙂

    Budapest is such a fantastic city, it was one of my favourite places when I went inter-railing around Europe last year! I only stayed for 3 nights but I feel like there was so much left to see and places to explore, so will definitely have to return one day!
    I just wrote about one of the more strange things that happened to me in Budapest if you want to take a read:

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