January, February, March, April, May aaand June you are finally here! June with warm weather, beautiful beginnings, the start of a summer of love, it could not get better than that. Every summer is different, but the most important thing is to never forget a summer. Summer is our holiday, freedom, sun, beautiful thoughts, fun and music. Why don’t we start this summer with my 5 helpful tips for an unforgettable summer?





1.Plan a great holiday. I don’t know what you think about this but in my opinion the best and fun thing to do is travel. This whole situation is quite motivating because you start thinking about all the memories and experiences you will gather from your future trip. What wonderful people will you meet? With who will you travel, your friends, your loved ones, with what will you travel.




2.Be likeable. Smile a lot. Because we need a lot of positive energy around us to feel very good and live our life to the fullest. Every situation will be easier to control and it will also be easier to connect with other people when you radiate happiness.


3.Find something to be interested than your usual. If we speak about summer we speak about vacantion and free time. What could be better than learn something new and different? Or why not continue with something that we abandoned along the way. A ballet course for instance.





4.Casual walk. My love for casual, summer casual which never goes away is priceless. Go for it! If you are afraid to wear the same casual pieces every summer, believe me is nothing wrong in doing that. I did not let go of the white shirt and jeans. Pure love.





5.So we talked about holidays and to be likeable this summer, to do something new and not be afraid of the casual outfits so my last advice is not to avoid to buy as many bath suits as possible and go at the pools near the seas or oceans and feel great in your skin, to love yourselves, to swim, tan, and enjoy every moment of this summer.



I can’t wait to see as many pictures as possible from your great summer on Instagram and I invite you to tag your summer photos with #crissteasummer.

Let’s make an unforgettable summer over and over again!ramonacrisstea-summertag

What I am wearing :

Shirt: Vero moda

Jeans: Mom Jeans

Sunglasses: H&M

Bag: H&M – Click here

Shoes: Zara – Click here

Handmade lace bra – Click here

Best wishes,ramonacrisstea



47 thoughts on “ Casual Walk ”

  1. Loved these tips!!! 🙂
    Those jeans look so good on you!! 😮 gotta go check em out!!

    Xoxo Jessy

  2. Oh, gosh, do I dare ask this?
    There’s one item of clothing that you didn’t specify. It’s somewhat obvious under your shirt.
    The photos were just a lot of fun – a wonderful way of taking us “out-of-the-box” at the start of the season. My thanks to everyone involved.

  3. Hopefully #2 will not be misunderstood by even more people than it already is. Because I think you cannot tell someone to be happy without it becoming artificial, and that can backfire. The motivation behind it might be a different one than if we take action to resolve and overcome.
    What the world might need way more than more people trying to ‘radiate happiness’ is more people willing to share a common burden (without fueling it – it’s about empathy, not allegiance). That connects way deeper than smiling and laughing together, and then the smiling and laughing will be so much more mutual and sincere.
    The less I try to be likeable, the better I feel, the more relaxed I can deal with things, the less I am overextending and exhausting myself.
    Then there is the sun as inspiration: It doesn’t judge, it doesn’t act. It’s just happening, the way it always is. Living the solution. It doesn’t want life to flourish, it doesn’t want it to not flourish. It just radiates, because it always has.
    Along the lines of the Dao De Jing: The sun doesn’t try to accomplish anything, yet makes everything happen.
    Also: http://dowlphin.blogspot.de/2015/04/the-sun-time-tested-success-story.html
    This is, though, thoughts based on my personal quest for balance, which is unusually about more egotism instead of less.
    Still, I would never advise someone to smile more. That’s the last piece in a long causative chain, a mere symptom. I want people to be more authentic, open, sincere. That would help a lot. That’s what’s actually missing.

    1. Thank you for your opinion but I think that if people will smile more they will feel happier. There is even a study that confirms this. When we see a happy face we become more happy! People need to start enjoying everything life has to offer from the warmth of the sun to the cold water of an ocean and the mornings waking up near the loved ones.
      We have so many reasons to be happy but we simply ignore them.
      Best wishes, R

      1. When we see someone smile and it makes us happy, it’s because we are reminded of the things we cherish and also because it is an external influence. There are fake smiles though. Those that are performed merely because scientists advise people to, without an actual reason to. Focusing on things that make us happy is one thing. Advising to just smile more is a different thing, and this line of thought leads to lack of empathy and is why for example people suffering from depression occasionally rant about how it disgusts them when people are like “Why aren’t you just being more happy? Just try it.”
        Being authentic is the thing that is healthy, because then we communicate sincerely and others can work on that basis, and it helps because it is based on reality. Smiling without being happy leads to self-deception, and that can become quite elaborate, but it only works reliably for oneself, as long as external feedback doesn’t unmask it.
        To talk in extreme cases: Some people appear incredibly happy even for the trained eye, but eventually reveal themselves to be monsters when a situation puts it to the test.
        There is no replacement for the real thing. Happiness comes from the heart, not from superficialities. Smiling in itself is actually superficial. It is merely an expression of something underlying, something much more profound … or not.
        Personally, I cannot even fake a smile, because I value authenticity and sincere expression highly. When I am unhappy and try to smile, it just doesn’t work. Same for laughing.

  4. Great tips! The world would be a better and fun place if we would all focus on positivity rather than negativity, experimenting/interestingness/newness rather than dullness, creating rather than destroying.

    Love the look.. casual clothes spiced up with some strappy high heels! 🙂

    Geekette in High Heels

  5. Hi! I nominated you for the free-writing challenge at my blog. The rules are there in the latest post from now 🙂 Thanks! <3

  6. So very true about travel! Just managed to start looking around here, and realized that you’re from Cluj. Which is really strange and bizarre considering what I just posted now on my blog. I think you’ll understand when you have a chance to read it. Anyway, will check back here, because I’m fascinated by the city, and looking forward to seeing more pictures.

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