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There are left just a few days until Christmas. Preparations are still in full swing. I recently talked with my mother and she said that cookies and food is still to be made so that everything will be ready. Maybe most of us still search in shops for the perfect gifts for your loved ones. There is nothing alarming in this fact, because of the busy schedule the only time we get to buy presents is now. Whatever we buy it is important to give the gift with joy and from the bottom of our hearts.

We all wish that this holiday brings us a lot of love in our heart, home and spend beautiful moments with our loved ones. This is the holiday that must be celebrated with beautiful Christmas songs, cookies, cake and all the comfort and silence. I really wish this Christmas will snow. A beautiful Christmas comes with loads of snow. I love a white Christmas. There is still time and maybe I will receive this beautiful present. A magical and beautiful snow.

I prepared for you some goodies. Here you can find some ideas which you can use as an inspiration on how to arrange different details on the Christmas table.

Ramona Crisstea Ramona Crisstea - cookies Ramona Crisstea - cookies 3 Ramona Crisstea - cookies 2 Ramona Crisstea - cookies 1

I wish you from the bottom of my heart a Merry Christmas!

What I wore:

Skirt – I made it

Sweater – Here

Fur – Here

Boots – Zara

Ramona Crisstea - Christmas 1 (2)

           Best wishes, ramonacrisstea


44 thoughts on “ Christmas ”

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the 🙂 like! I just checked out your blog…love this post about Christmas and your pics are all great! Love your little mini gingerbread houses! I look forward to continuing to read through your blog!

  2. Beautiful! I’m so impressed you made the skirt, and I love the Christmas lights in the background of your photos. The miniature house cookies are adorable! You are so multi-talented! Merry Christmas <3

  3. How exquisitely creative and beautiful! Your talent and multifaceted creative beauty shine through in exemplary fashion! Thank you for sharing, and all the best to you w/blessings … most especially this Christmas season!

  4. “This is the holiday that must be celebrated with beautiful Christmas songs, cookies, cake and all the comfort and silence” – I like this line!! Your blog is creative, interesting and sweet. Happy Christmas!

  5. Dear Ramona:

    May the Spirit of Love be with you in this season. May light and joy fill the eyes of those you embrace. And may your creative passion and sympathetic intellect take root and grow in the year to come!


  6. Hi Ramona, thank you. I also hope that Christmas can bring us more peace and happiness to the ones who don’t have.
    And let the present just be a symbol of the love we have for our families, relatives and friends.

  7. Thank you Ramona, I may have mentioned about emails going to my spam filter. I notified my Internet provider. Anyhow, thank you for enjoying my Resolutions blog. I see you made the skirt, it looks very nice. Are you a model?

  8. Hi there! Thanks for following my blog, it means a lot 😀 And i see you’ve received tons of compliments on the skirt, it’s so pretty, and it looks fabulous on!

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