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It is said that when you love, you are always happy and always doing the right things. Everything you do and say becomes efficient, because when you fill your heart with love, our actions become the right ones. That happens because the right decision that matters is taken at the present moment. Nothing else is important because we love. We share love.

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If you want to make always the right choices and don’t ruin anyone we must take all our actions with love and positive energy. Believe it or not, the first gainer of our positive thoughts is our body. Love gives you harmony and when you love nothing can hurt you. Love equals harmony and tranquility.

In this post I wanted to remind you about this feeling that wakes within us sweet memories. I founded my peace in a place that I love so much, the botanical garden of Cluj. It has its own magic even if it is not totally alive yet, not until Spring arrives. As I go here often I thought to share with you some items that I am very fond of and that were lucky for me. They just worked perfect together with my outfit and I managed to capture beautiful moments.

Ramona Crisstea - The peach box

Ramona Crisstea - Jest leafsRamona Crisstea - Comfort Green

If from your wardrobe is missing a black watch you must definitely acquire one. It makes everything simpler to wear and accessorize. Lately my mood guides me towards all black outfits, or with a simple splash of colour. Because of that this accessory makes a perfect match. The Marc Bale watch, worn with some simple accessories can radically change your outfit in something that can’t be ignored. ThePeachBox accessories are again part of my outfit and I just adore them. If you want to purchase one of their products you can use the “mb-ramonacrisstea” discount code to get a 15% off.

Ramona Crisstea-Marc BaleRamona Crisstea- comfort green

What I wear:

Jewelery – ThePeachBox

Watch – Marc Bale

Best wishes,ramonacrisstea


38 thoughts on “ Comfort Green ”

  1. “When you love nothing can hurt you.” – Couldn’t be farther from the truth. I am constantly reminded of how I am hurt most easily and severely when I love. In part because it also attracts those who serve fear and thus hate it if you create a contrast. Dealing with that seems to come from a different source that can be influenced to a great degree by your walk of life. There are different tasks and challenges for each being. One person’s solution can be another person’s problem. (Comparatively or as a consequence.)
    I just had to write this because I am hurting right now from something that emerged joyfully, innocent and well-spirited and was responded to in a very disgusting way.

  2. Let us be real, love does hurt and it does cost something… If you really love, like the Agape love ( selfless, sacrificial, unconditional love) It can hurt… Yet this love yields the most joy !!!

  3. There’s a wonderful book by Stephen Harrod Buhner titled “The Lost Language of Plants.” Gardens are a powerful place of healing as well, and connect us to our roots. But I have been noticing a change. Many of gardens we saw last year appeared unkempt – there was a certain vital wildness to them. There are times when we need to confront the pitiless power of nature, most potent to me when I am at sea in a storm. It reminds us of what it is like to be untamed. to expose ourselves more deeply than we allow ourselves in a calculated reveal.

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