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This post would have never been made if not for my cousin that spent the holidays with me. I learnt so much from her because she is a make-up artist and is fantastic. Every day we made makeup over makeup and I can say that I picked up some tricks from her. When it comes to makeup I am a little unexperienced and I usually apply a simple base makeup. I can even say that I am that kind of person which does not like makeup very much. I love to be simple and let my face be free all the time.

MAkeup Time


After all these makeup series I started to love it. Because of that I went to buy all kinds of brushes and makeup products to try myself some more complicated makeups. As you can see in the above picture, I wore fake eyelashes. I can’t believe that I managed to stay with them 4 hours. It was perfect.

Makeup Ramona Crisstea

In my opinion a makeup make us feel better, beautiful and more confident. Every time you want to try a makeup just use a simple one and look as natural as possible.


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32 thoughts on “ Create your Simple MAKEUP now ”

  1. Of course it can boost confidence. But as you probably hinted at yourself, it’s a superficial means for making others send their approval based on equally superficial things. It’s one of those ‘games of society’ that can be hard not to play. A part of collective not-facing-reality. Not a game I’d enjoy playing. (With the topic of makeup, there’s a philosophical duality of controlling vs. being controlled. The control one might get over other people’s thoughts is limited to within that game.)
    Wearing pretty clothes on the other hand is crucially different because it usually is not meant to pretend and deceive and create pleasant illusions. Instead it creates pleasant reality.
    Men rarely wear makeup. How many people really meditate on the implications of that?

  2. I agree with you: it’s fun to play with make up and put different looks on and discover yourself but simple natural make up is the best, because you feel beautiful and others get so see you just the way you are.

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