Do you have a solution for boredom ?

The reason why I wanted to write about this topic is because I know many of us are facing this boredom. And yes, to overcome this boredom when opportunity strikes is quite challenging and sometimes you can’t find any solution. Your thoughts tell you that you want something and when you are not satisfied by the way you have to get it you let it go, getting bored and loosing all your interest.

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So I will present some solutions against boredom.  I get bored quite rare. For me everything comes to the motivation I use to get things done. But if is not about motivation let’s create a ritual for example. Every one of us has its secret pleasures and hobbies, this way being capable to realize quite much in an esthetic manner.

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Try to devote 100% to those activities and get them done thoroughly. You don’t need to rush, and especially try to avoid focusing at anything else. Do that thing just like you are doing it for the first time when you discovered and enjoyed it so much. Try to remain focused and surpass yourself every time.

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More than often, to escape this boredom we just have to acknowledge even the little things and to realize that we can learn something new every time and because of this, they deserve all our attention.

That day was a beautiful one, a method to get rid of boredom, by going out with some friends and taking beautiful pictures. Of course the outfit has a special purpose, the more we wear comfy clothes and eye-catching designs, your day will become more and more wonderful. I have to say that I love this skirt. I know that you are wondering what I was wearing. If you want to find out the links can be found bellow.

ramonacrisstea coffeeramona crisstea coffee

What I wore :

ramona crisstea pretty skirt 3

Shoes: Stradivarius

Pretty Skirt: Dresslink

Top: Bershka

Bag: Vintage

Sunglasses: Dresslink

ramona crisstea- pretty skirt-horz


Best wishes, ramonacrisstea


43 thoughts on “ Do you have a solution for boredom ? ”

  1. Very interesting post! Myself, I’m less weary of boredom that I am of routine. That’s why I always try to keep the flame of my curiosity going strong and am always on the look out for new things…

  2. The thing that challenges me about this blog (I was going to say “cracks me up”) is the way that the thoughts are broken up. So I’m like “Well, gosh, isn’t she being preachy today!”, and then I skip through the photos of you prancing around in elegance and find something like this:

    More than often, to escape this boredom we just have to acknowledge even the little things and to realize that we can learn something new every time and because of this, they deserve all our attention.

    So than I’m like stunned by the simplicity of your wisdom and see everything that follows in a completely different way.

    Are you conscious of doing this?

  3. Delighted to find your blog where you share important thoughts and beautiful clothes and pictures. I’m happy that someone is writing about what’s important in life from an inspired perspective. Best Always, Dr. Diane

  4. I think for most people they get bored because of two reasons or they’re great multi gaskets and for both its tough.

    For those depressed, many of us and myself included and it makes it hard to even get out of bed and you stay doing the same things and they get bored easily yet the motivation is there they won’t push themselves. Something as simple as walking a little and having a light snack at a beach seems like a chore. Yet they have to do this and add to it until they snap out of it and become more active. Keep trying it won’t take long:)

    For the multi tasker that finds themselves down to doing one thing it’s hard to turn off doing everything like a maniac. Look at it as a cheat day and enjoy it. If you have to while you’re doing just one thing play some light music in the background or a movie you’ve seen a million times that is like white noise but helps you focus on the one thing you’re doing and not being bored and worrying about how many other things that could also be doing. 🙂

  5. Hey Ramona,
    I really enjoyed reading your post. Particularly I like the way you brought a whole lot of yourself into the story and showed us “how effortlessly”, one can snap out of boredom. It’s easy to get bored if you have to do same activity again and again. So it’s always good if one can train the mind to switch between tasks/activities… Often when I’m bored, I try to substitute it with some other task(s). But… But I do try to gauge my mood while doing the task substitution thereby ensuring substituted task yields some value. Similar to how you played with your looks/ styling to overcome boredom and spark inspirations within.

    By the way, I absolutely loved the skirt cut/print. Maybe I might end up replicating this style from your look book.

  6. Ya, I get bored when I can’t do what I want to do. It has to happen often. So, ya, I get prevented from doing what I want to do very often.

    But I like the outfit and the pictures. It’s a fun outfit.

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