I can’t believe how much time has passed since I last posted on my blog.

Shame on me!

I have a good excuse, but not good enough to stop writing. The struggle of the exams made its appearance and I couldn’t do anything I would have enjoyed and it was necessary that I would learn so that I would have the best results in the exams.


Most of the time, when we want something, we actually want the feeling that the object produces. This applies when we buy a piece of clothing, we want to feel as comfortable as possible in it, to have a nice material and be exactly what we wanted.


But most of the people when buy some pieces, actually they adapt to different situations, forgetting about the basic pieces. I am one of the persons which does not have yet a white shirt in their wardrobe. I don’t say that I never had one, a long time ago I had quite a lot but growing up I started buying different types of clothes, experimenting with colors and prints which were popular every season. Every time the exam session starts I realize that I don’t have a CRand this is kind of tricky because we have to dress a certain way when we attend to different exams.


If you find a great shirt go and buy it! When you will need it you will save a lot of time, elsewhere you will have to improvise again.

I haven’t found one yet, still looking for it.


Being a fan of men shirts, I visualize every perfect casual outfit wearing a man’s shirt. Have you ever tried a man’s shirt? It doesn’t matter if it belongs to your father, boyfriend or even bought by you from the men section of a store, it complements perfectly your outfit.



The best part when you don’t have a white shirt in your wardrobe and you miss wearing one, is that your boyfriend has one and he is more than happy to borrow it to you. After that everything comes natural. All black and a white shirt or some ripped jeans, snickers, a bag and you are ready. The white shirt is so essential, simple and it helps you break the deadlock, the morning deadlock.



Here are some inspirational photos!


Best wishes,CR


56 thoughts on “ Easy outfit strategy ”

  1. This is such a brilliant post! What better way to find that perfect white shirt then to just shop out of a brother, father, boyfriend’s existing closet. I often shop out of my younger brother’s closet and it definitely adds so much more edge to current existing style. AND I’m totally with you on this one girly .. I do not have a white shirt myself and seriously shame on me but my validation is the exact same as yours; I’m too invested into buying prints and more interesting pieces for my closet. Ha-ha still on the hunt to find the perfect one but in the mean time I shall leave it to my younger brother’s closet as well 😉

    Xo. http://www.sonamnaiducreative.com

    1. All kidding aside, Ramona, I had a very strong impression the first time I came to your blog. I won’t describe the experience, but I want to ask you to let the graces that surround you enter into the world gently, in their own time and way. We face the temptation to rush things, particularly early in our lives, and I spent a lot of years trying to be something that others found value in. So, in all things: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Take the time to listen to your heart, your toes, every part of yourself, and seek out places and people that give back strength in equal measure to the elegance that you offer them. And realize that you are already affirmed by personalities that could chose at any moment to be elsewhere, but have chosen to be with you. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone.
      Yours always, Brian

  2. I loved your pictures, and shirt and coat! Really amazing! I do love white shirts, as you said, basic, but so important! I think you look gorgeous and I hope you did very well on your exams! Please share the results (only say they went well!)

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