I have been in Poland for quite some time and I already managed to visit the whole town where I’m staying, Poznan you can find more on my instagram @ramonacrisstea . It is such a beautiful city full of museums which can be visited with very low prices for students(usually 2 ZLOT which is not even 1 euro). Wherever I go I find only good things to say about this city. As I said in my previous post, I am here with a CEEPUS scolarship at the Technical University of Poznan. However,besides the time spent studying, I managed to visit the town and even the castles around it.

This is an insight about how I spend my free time here in Poznan. At the end of my journey I will make a small review for you about what you must visit here.

I always chose for a chill day a very simple, warm and comfortable outfit. Most of the days I spent here were quite chilly and I was forced to chose a simple and comfortable outfit. The embroidered jeans are a must this period along with the coat and amen shirt which can be found in your boyfriend’s wardrobe. This way you can create a perfect outfit for a chilly and relaxing day.

What I wore:

Shoes – ZARA

Jeans – HERE

Coat – HERE

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