Ramona Crisstea Every women should own thisRamona Crisstea - jadu bag

Yesterday was a very busy day. Early in the morning I attended at another exam from this exam session. After the exam I managed to go in the park and took some shots of this outfit. I want to tell you a little bit about the accessories that are a must this summer.

Even if my look looks a bit warm, this is due to the fact of the early morning and I have to say that I am I person which does not like cold. Probably you have guest already about the must have and I will talk you about the simple backpacks in different colours. It is a good chance that you saw them also last year, but this season became indispensable from our wardrobe.


Ramona Crisstea Ramona Crisstea - every woman should own this

Ramona Crisstea-Every woman should own this

These backpacks are very useful, no matter if you wear them at university, a festival or during a trip, they offer a modern chic. I got my backpack from Jadu.ro . When I was little I had a bunch of them and I never thought that this trend will come back.

In my opinion, a backpack in your wardrobe is more than welcome and you will not regret the decision of acquiring one.  ♥

Ramona Crisstea- Every woman should own Ramona Crisstea- Every woman should own this

Backpack  – HERE

Best wishes, ramonacrisstea


36 thoughts on “ Every woman should own this ”

  1. Bonjour RAMONA
    Mon passage sur ton joli blog
    Ce sont mes 2 mains sur mon clavier
    Sur un profil une belle image
    Qui derrière cet écran se trouve une personne de gentille
    La ou je retrouve une de mes meilleurs amies ou amis
    Je te fais un énorme sourire même si tu ne vois pas
    Dans le fond de mon cœur je te l’offre
    Passe une agréable journée
    Surtout ensoleillé ,chez moi le temps pas extra
    Bise amicale Bernard


  2. I have loved your blog so much! So I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! You can find my post here -https://mindyrod.wordpress.com/2016/06/21/one-lovely-blog-award/

  3. Backpacks are great because carry a bag on one shoulder can be tiresome and painful depending how much stuff you carry in your purse.

  4. Getting around mostly on my sturdy bicycle back packs have long been a must. This one has the great advantage of being a bit more on the chic side (sporty doesn’t always go) thanks!

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