When I arrived in Berlin the only thing that I wanted to do is visiting all the museums on my list and admire the gorgeous architecture of the Berliner Dom building. As you can see in the photos is just incredible but the feeling you have when you are sitting in front of it is unique. It is a building with an incredible architecture and I was speechless. Even the second day I wanted to go again to the Dom and for sure my next trip to Berlin will begin with the Dom.


I didn’t have enough time to visit the whole Berlin and I must say it was a bit monotone because of the weather and all the cranes that were everywhere. Because that many of the buildings were under constructions I didn’t manage to enjoy the architecture as much as I wanted.

However, I managed to visit museums like The Pergamon Museum, Neus Museum, Museum of Naturkwade, Europaischer Kateren Museum, Hamburger Bahnhuf. Those museums I recommend dearly and the best part is that most of them are to be found in the same sector. This is very convenient because you just have to walk from one museum to another. I recommend you to start from the early morning and stay at the long ticket queues. You will notice that German people are extremely punctual and in the morning they will be waiting at the queues in order to get tickets. No matter how long is the queue the staff will do everything in their power to speed it up.

Another good advice is to have a beautiful nice walk near the Dom and if you have a blanket with you just sit down and relax on the green grass. There are so many things to do on this city, you just need to have enough time. I strongly recommend you to visit the same part of the city because it will be worth it.

I can say that in one of the days I wore a more unique outfit, which helped me in the place I were. I didn’t feel at all that my outfit was exaggerated. I wore a pair of jeans and a skirt created by me which were matched with a black T-shirt.

Hope you enjoy my little post from Berlin!

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