Today is the celebration of love, Dragobete. The name originates from two Slavic words “dragu” and “biti” which can be translated into “beloved”. Dragobetele is a love tradition in Romanian culture and is celebrated today on the 24th of February. This day is associated with Spring, the season of hope and rebirth. Dragobete traditions vary from region to region. There are a number of Dragobete customs in rural areas, of which are not kept up by modern Romanians. The tradition also says that those who take part in Dragobete customs are supposed to be protected by illness, for the rest of the year.

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The best part is hidden in the origin of this custom, in the cycle of nature, especially in the bird’s world, these beings are considered by our ancestors to be the most related to the socio-human Universe. In this context is not a coincidence that the bird is considered the representation of one of the oldest deities of nature and love.


Romanians called this celebration “The fiance of birds”. It is told that this period, the birds make nests and reproduce, habit taken by humans. It appears that the whole purpose is much more deeper, the birds were considered to be messengers of the gods. The Greek word “pasare” means message of the sky or prediction. Some ethnologists say that the spring engagement of the birds, became in time a celebration of love, the day of marriages and brotherhood, the day of ludic or real engagements of young people. On the other hand, all the attention is focused on birds and women, which is a reference to fecundation and multiplication, both the birds and women are symbols of growth and fertility.Dragobete himself, deity of solar essence is the son of an ancient bird goddess, some ethnologists say.


I wish everyone who celebrates this day only happiness and joy. I hope that you enjoyed this legend.


Even though Valentines day has passed, it may be strange for you to learn that exists two similar celebrations of love. However it is nothing wrong to express your love for your beloved one. Hang on positive feelings near your lovers, and actually we do not need a celebration to express our love but everything is so beautiful when we read and learn those legends and see how love was a primary sentiment in every period of the human history.


Enjoy this #fairytale, and I thought the pictures were suitable for this legend and tradition. The dress was handmade by me and resisted well at the cold temperatures just like me, the pictures being made in the mountain area. If you are wondering how I resisted I can tell you that the air was very nice and we managed to get a great result through the collaboration of Alex Ciolomic from Obiectiv Studio who made my pictures.

Here we are!

You can find more about Alex on here personal blog “Obiectiv Studio”, about her work!!


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Best wishes,CR


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  1. Very cool! I wonder if this day was the predecessor to Valentine’s Day, as the way the church had adopted other previously existing celebrations for their own. Very beautiful dress and pictures as well.

  2. I enjoyed learning more about your culture, the beautiful photo shoot and by sheer coincidence Feb 24 is my wedding anniversary – looks like we picked a good day! We’re both bird lovers too :-). Great post, thanks.

  3. So cute, it’s like Valentine’s Day #2 for you 🙂 Romanian has a lot of Slavic words, it’s awesome 😀 Dragu is not actually a word, at least in Croatian, we say drag, without that u, but it means the same, beloved or dear. Omg, you look unrecognizable in that outfit!

  4. Love the imagery.All of it. Great photographer and model working together. It was nice to hear some history about the shoot. The story was the icing on the cake. I am a diehard romantic.

    Much Love Tom

  5. These are such gorgeous pictures! I enjoyed the story behind them very much, and marveled at your astonishing vocabulary ;)! It is very interesting to know that Romanians see the birds as a kind of related species, as this is very similar to some of the cultures I have studied in the past.

    I am still caught up in the magic of your story, hopefully it will last all day ;).
    xX Zoe |

  6. Ramona, I love yr blog. It’s different in a great way. Love the whimsical and interesting pics. You’re so creative and a thinker ‘outside the box’. I’ll be back for sure. By the way, thanks for your visit and follow at my blog.

  7. That dress is a unique manifestation of fire and elegance. The color warms you even on the coldest of days. Thank you for sharing your celebration of love.

  8. “The fiance of birds” — lovely phrase! Thank you for sharing; I’m glad to have learned about this. (I am also REALLY glad you included the picture of yourself bundled in a coat at the very end! Beautiful dress — but my extremities were starting to get sympathetically chilled, looking at you wearing it in the snow!)

  9. Hi! Thank you for following my blog. I hope you find my natural approach to healing and my spiritual outlook helpful. Good luck with your blog! It is very creative! Cheers! Fred

  10. Lovely post, I really enjoyed it and amazing blog. Love the photos so big and clear and your writing, I can really feel a sort of magic while reading your blog. Great job keep it 🙂

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