Ramona Crisstea-festival lookI got this dress a while ago from Zaful and I wanted to wear it at the Colibita lake. However, I was unlucky and the weather was not by my side. I will spend this summer in Bistrita but today I had some things to do in Cluj and I managed to take some shots with the dress. It is such a loose dress that can be worn at the beach. I am thinking about making another post with it when I will go at the seaside. It can also be perfect for the popular festivals that are a trend now and use it as your secret weapon.  Ramona-Crisstea-festival-look Ramona Crisstea-details Ramona Crisstea - festival outfit Festival outfit - Ramona Crisstea Festival look Festival look - Ramona Crisstea

The dress – HERE

Best wishes, ramonacrisstea


32 thoughts on “ Festival look ”

  1. I gotta say, those shoes to that dress… no my thing. Almost like deliberately provocative and breaking aesthetic norms.
    I’m only mentioning this because I perceive it as an anomaly in your otherwise pretty much great compositions.
    Well, at least they’re not plateau shoes. 😉 (Because my personal sense of aesthetics is that for someone who emphasizes a long-legs look like you often do, bulky shoes would be a total no-go.)
    In this case if the shoes were white, it would probably ease the clash a bit. The black-white duality intensifies the perception of delicate dress vs. robust shoes. Or if you were wearing light white ankle-high textile shoes (dunno the proper name for them right now, those slipper types), you would assume a bit of a Greek-goddess vibe, especially with the wavey hair.

  2. Beautiful dress, Ramona! I like anything that is a bit sheer. Btw, I think your photographer is amazing!! Such gorgeous photos in every post!

  3. I’ll join the anti-shoe chorus and suggest white sandals – especially if you have the type that tie above the ankles. But then again, I’m a fashion know-nothing.

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