After a few days spent around the country I would have arrived at Feeric Fashion Days in Sibiu Romania. Then, followed 5 beautiful days in a city full of history with professional and experienced people.

I will tell you a little bit from the day I arrived at the most important fashion festival from Eastern Europe, Feeric Fashion Days, which started with an atypical presentation, on the runway of the International Sibiu Airport. With the help of the airport staff and Blue Air company, the brand A for A from Sibiu presented a multibrand collection in a plane on the landing runway. Unfortunately I did not manage to get there in time but the bloggers who attended told me everything. Studying the pictures I can tell everything was great.

FFD Aeroport - Dragos Dumitru

At the sunset, Bianca Popp, one of the veteran designers from this fashion show, presented a new collection in stunning surroundings, at the Evanghelic Church from Huet Square. Directed by Pablo Patane, one of the famous directors of fashion weeks , Biancas collection created many acclamations from the participants at the show.

This place was perfect for presenting this collection. “I admit it, I knew the location before I made the collection. I was inspired by the town Amsterdam and the Dutch lifestyle. I wanted to create clothes that will suit that lifestyle and that I wish I would live. The organization was impeccable.”, says Bianca Popp.



The last four presentations of the day took place at Feeric Venue/Redal Expo. Mihher, Go Style, Spencer with a men’s collection and the Parisian lingerie brand, Lise Charmel, ended a perfect day.”I am stunned. This festival is very trendy, has style and is extremely well-organized. During the fashion show from Alba Iulia I was at Paris Fashion Fair, but I am very glad that I made it to the presentation from Sibiu. I will be glad to come back next year at Feeric Fashion Days”, says Rachel Guironnet-Perrin, manager of the Parisian brand Lise Charmel.

FFD Lise Charmel - Dragos Dumitru

Andra Handaric - foto Dragos Dumitru

It was such a beautiful experience for me and I met beautiful people. I have chosen to wear a white outfit, the dress is handmade by me and I matched it with a white shirt.


What I wore:

Man Shirt

Bag : Mohito

Shoes: Bershka

Watch: Jolli

Sunglasses: H&M

Skirt : Made by me ^^

Best wishes, ramonacrisstea


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