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When we avoid doing a thing we tend to go around it and never finish it.

Why is that?

I can tell you that I do the same thing. Even though I have a clear purpose sometimes I am stuck. I feel like going around and around countless times without any result. Maybe because I want it to be perfect, even though there is no room for improvement or when I can’t find the beginning thread and I keep looking for it. All these things get me stuck and because of them we can not finish what we started.


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I was thinking what solutions we can develop to solve these problems, or how are people solving them? In my opinion a second person can help you most of the times. A different, clear mind, with a different vision can get you out of this blockage and help you find solutions for your problems.

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Even if we don’t admit it most of the time, the person close to us is really helping us and without them we are lost. The feeling of spinning around something we experience most of the time when we are alone. We are persons with different personalities and while some are independent most of the time a second person will appear to help them grow, to grow together and surpass what they already achieved.


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Being a little abstract I wanted to diversify my words and to present you my spinning around dress as I like to call it. I think those are the most beautiful and perfect dresses for this summer. They are so fluid and loose that you don’t even realize that you are wearing them and I am pretty sure that this dress could be a choice for any occasion. You can find this dress on the following link bellow from where I got it too.


What I wore:

Dress – SheinsideΒ *Click HERE

Shoes –New Look

Bag –H&M

Sunglasses –H&M


Ramona Crisstea - dress6-horz


Best wishes,ramonacrisstea


46 thoughts on “ Going around ”

  1. So beautifully written from a rather beautiful girl! Completely agree with you on the note that as independent and strong of women we can be; we definitely do need a secondary person to better ourselves and an occasional shoulder to lean on. I often know the decisions and choices I’m going to make but I always find it mandatory to discuss it with an alternative source. Its usually my dad or my best friend and even though they give me that reassurance that I was already aware of, I feel 110% more positive then I initially had. ALSO … that dress is everything.

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    Xo. http://www.sonamnaiducreative.com

  2. I have found that frequently, people blindly swing away at their lives. Sometimes you hit the target. Then there is a lot of going through the same motions. I try to pull myself out of the situation and then contemplate on it. Go through the steps and then decide if I am on the right course.

    And…nice set of photos! Stunning!

  3. Very beautiful, particularly what you wrote about being lost without someone there to support and ground us. I’m not used to the combination of fashion and personal insight, but the way you express yourself makes it work very nicely. Thank you.

  4. Always very nice scenery and outfits. As far as going around and basically getting stuck in a rut goes. You’ve seen my site. I’m a trainer and a runner. I’d say 17 years ago I went to Penn Relays and their best selling T Shirt was Penn Relays 100 Years of going around in a circle and getting nowhere.

    You can stuck in a rut with a laundry list of things to do and either you lose focus or something knocks you off your path. Sometimes another person helps and sometimes they hinder you, mostly helpful.

    As for me and training I normally don’t know how my body is going to feel so I train alone. However if there’s someone there in my way I use them as motivation to do whatever I’m doing faster or more and whatever they are doing I catch them, pass them, what I’m doing is better and it helps with focus.:)

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