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During days like this one I dream of an escape where can I relax. However when you have some obligations it is not that easy. One more day and I will be free of the exams, even though this last one is just an exam to rise my grade. From tomorrow the long waited holiday begins. Soon I will make my plans for this summer and hopefully everything goes exactly as I wish. I am curious about what do you do when summer comes.

Do you make a plan or just let everything come from itself?


How do you plan your summerdetails Ramona Crisstea

In the past I preferred that everything came to me and I would let myself carried away. However, I realized that everything was going so fast, and I was forgetting beautiful moments so because of that I decided to get a notebook every year and write down everything I wanted to do. It is such a great solutions and the results came immediately. It is worth a try!


I wish you a beautiful summer and full of wonderful events.

What I wore:

Shirt – Massimo dutti

Skirt – Zara

Bag and shoes – Mango

Best wishes, ramonacrisstea



21 thoughts on “ How do you plan your summer ? ”

  1. Here in Nigeria, we don’t really have summer. We are currently in the raining season. My plans; take my kids swimming a lot, have the older ones attend junior bible school, read lots of books. Also planning to move houses this period. Cheers

  2. Very pretty outfit. Summer? Not actually my cup of tea, unless I’m camping! More of an Autumn/Winter Soul. The Stars shine so much brighter in the cold, calm air! Enjoy your Summer and best of luck on your exams!

  3. At this point, with no school, it is just working year around with weekends. So it is just the usual setting goals and trying to improve.

    But I do remember the freedom of being on break. Enjoy it!

  4. Ramona, do you have any fashion tips for short girls? I really think that long skirts are cute, but every time I try to wear it, I feel like I’m twice shorter than I already am 🙁 and my height is 150cm 🙁 is there any way to look tall while wearing a long skirt? i would love to know!

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