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The movement of fringes reflect our continuous thoughts. We are paying attention to every movement, so that each thought is a good one and make the right choice even though, just like the movement of fringes  we don’t know the outcome, being out of our control.

personal growth

personal growth

The human mind works through images. The truth is the one which lies within us, not the image we show the world through our personality. When we decide that we want to become a person with less imperfections as possible we imagine the picture of a perfect model.  The more detailed the image will be the more we will portray in it and feel more and more real.

personal growth

Once we generate the feelings of self love and a strict inner belief that we are becoming this, the motivations appears and so do the changes in good. The body does follow what the subconscious mind tells it to do.

 My advice for you is that every goal you make, keep it for yourself because some persons will not agree with your decisions, probably they won’t even understand and because of this you may let go of your goals and dreams. Keeping those thoughts for yourself will rise your motivation and belief.

personal growth

personal growth

 Every single one of us is the prisoner of their own mind. A well programed subconscious is stronger in a hard situation, has a more powerful will. An unbreakable goal helps us achieve everything we want on every level, may it be a change in style, weight loss or buying something.

 Visualization and images work very well together. To achieve your goal you can create a list with simple ideas, easy to memorize, creating new mental habits. Those will generate positive feelings motivating you and always present in your mind. I wish you the best of luck in achieving your goals!

personal growth

lookbook crisstea

lookbook crisstea

Best wishes,CR


67 thoughts on “ How our mind works ”

  1. I love the layout of the site, beautiful. Thoughts on growth, yes I agree on the wonderful possibilities that are open to us when we move in that direction. Thoughts on, ‘When we decide that we want to become a person with less imperfections’… I’ve known many a person who thought themselves with an imperfection when really, that particular thing was a jewel of their person-hood that time nor experience had not polished yet.

  2. When you age you no longer feel the need to guard your thoughts, perspectives and goals. Where age may take your physical beauty, it enhances and builds your beautiful inner soul.
    There’s beauty everywhere. This post is stunning! The fringe caught my eye, but the character of your words built the most wonderful visual.

  3. Lists work amazingly!! I use them to make sure bills don’t get forgotten each month. Your post reminds me that I can make lists for other things as well… keep my priorities sorted and help me reach goals! So many things I want to do right now… a list of the most important to least important would make it simple. The mind is a powerful tool if you harness it right. Not sure if this was the goal of your post but I did walk away with positive thoughts so I hope that helps! LOL

  4. You know, I always comment about your messages and not how you look in the outfits. It would be rather boring if every post I threw out compliments. But for this one I have to change course for once.

    You looked stunning in those photos! Maybe it is that hat that takes it over the edge? Keep it!

    As for your message…I agree! The mind needs a road map to guide it. Positive thinking and visualization help to guide us in the direction we wish to go. Athletes do this all the time! I do with my surfing and other things.

    Have a great week!

  5. See, now, Ramona – I have to disagree with you. If your goals are big enough (like changing the modality of the world) then you have to articulate them because the only way that they’ll get done is for other people to take credit for them.

    As Lao Tzu said: “Of the great leader, when the work is done, the people say, ‘We did it ourselves.'”

    But what a silly person I am! You articulate the goal for us all to accomplish our goals. What a mental jujitsu you have worked upon me!

      1. I’m glad that you don’t mind my playing with ideas here. My own blog is pretty heavy. You have this talent for blending light and serious that I dearly wish I could emulate. I guess that’s the privilege of beauty!

  6. “Keep it for yourself because some persons will not agree with your decisions, probably they won’t even understand and because of this you may let go of your goals and dreams.” – Absolutely!
    And never talk about your ideas in bars or clubs, people that party a lot are the worst soul mirrors when someone wants to rise above their own mediocrity.

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