It is said that we have to let go to the past

to build a better relationship.

What do you think? 




Many of us are very eager to meet new people while others who shut in prefer to stick to the past persons even if they did something wrong to us or if we did not like their behavior. I wonder how important is to meet new persons during our lives?



I guess it is a good question, because there are both pros and cons opinions in an equal matter. In my opinion is quite important to meet new persons and not to shut in and avoid contact with other people because every person we meet helps our development. I would like to compare these relationships with a Tulip flower. ramonacrissteaWe are just like. From season to season we will bloom and evolve just like we meet new people. Even among flowers are differences, a single tulip in a grown in a garden will look less developed than a tulip which is grown on a field with thousands more. They help each other.


More than often we forget to focus on the present moment, and memories hold us back. This happens because we don’t meet new people. We create some barriers of memory which prevent the development on new relationships and because of that opportunities die. ramonacrisstea


To have a beautiful relationship, firstly you must let the person in your life and give him a chance. All that we have to do is to put things in order and have trust. Even though it is hard to believe we can overcome any impediment or problem if we have beside us the right person.




It is said that to be able to love you must evolve and not be trapped by your own dreams, but to give and receive so that the person beside you has a special place in your heart.


Every step towards progress means to let go of something.

Best wishes,ramonacrisstea


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  1. Hello Ramona.

    You’re doing well. Your last line, “Every step towards progress means to let go of something.”

    That is incorrect. As we move our ship through life we face bad waters. There is a saying that goes, “You can learn from history or you can repeat it” We people need to remember where those bad waters are so we can sail around them. Compartmentalize is a better description. Put it away in a compartment and remember it’s there when we need it.

    G.R. Hambley – C.P.C.
    Certified Professional Coach – Life Coach

    Relationship Thoughts

    The Rules of Life as written by me.

  2. You are so ridiculously beautiful inside and out! That outfit is beyond stunning; effortless and so chic! You can never really live in the present or work towards a successful future if you are still living in the past. Nonetheless, there is always room for new people and more friends in your life only but we choose to stay among our comfort circles AND there are some people from our past who have molded us into the strong, proud individuals who we are today. Regardless of how much this person(s) have hurt us; they hold that certain spot soft spot in our hearts. Just my thoughts … Have a lovely day gorgeous!

    Xo. http://www.sonamnaiducreative.com

  3. Meeting new people didn’t work for me, since the endeavor was still fueled by the pain of the past. That is not to say that it was my fault alone, but new people created new pain.
    Eventually it was ayahuasca that helped me get rid of some of that past pain, and it worked in probably the only way it could: mysteriously. I have no idea why or how it happened. I couldn’t follow the process rationally. When I was able to explain it and write down thoughts, I already had rid myself of the pain, and the rational explanation is still only the wrapping, not the essence. I had read the words before, but they did nothing for me at the time.
    This shows how much the mind can be the problem, and that some things can only be healed if we – literally – don’t mind.
    The lesson I got (and the mere words might be as useless to you as they were to me before I understood and embodied them) was (and it is still a crude way of explaining it) that how difficult you make things for yourself and how much you put forward ideals and concepts that don’t serve your true nature personally and pragmatically determines how much you really love yourself. Or simpler: When you hate someone or something, you are punishing yourself, because it is you who suffers from it. Is that necessary? Useful? Is it worth it? Can you handle/afford it? Or can you cut yourself some slack?

    1. In my opinion hating someone is the worst thing that you can do yourself.
      This makes you ill. The best way is to let go and find new things that you love!
      Thank you very much for your feedback!
      Best wishes, R

  4. I love the composition of this post. You look tres chic in black and white, then with the addition of the vibrant red flowers the photos resemble paintings. The comparison to the tulips is effective and the splash of “color” with the quote from Jung is a nice touch. The whole post is marvelous! Congrats! 🙂

  5. “It is said that to be able to love you must evolve and not be trapped by your own dreams, but to give and receive so that the person beside you has a special place in your heart.”
    That is so true! The hardest part for me is the negotiation of dreams once the hearts have touched. Hearts operate at the level of deep somatic awareness – then the brains get involved and try to impose their agenda. It seems that there’s two ways to go to overcome that imposition: one is into physical bliss, which is great for a while but burns out. The other is to trust ourselves – to accept without judgment that even the feelings of loneliness are a valid experience – and to allow the time for our dreams to merge. That does require some adjustment.
    The path that you are standing on is an interesting metaphor. It looks a little wild, as though it’s been lonely too long, and so the manifestation of dreams have gotten a little out of control. It’s nice of you to bring some order to it.

  6. Even just writing comments is a way to open your horizons. At least in our world of blogging, we seem to share a common sense of wanting to see what lies beyond our every day life.

  7. You have to let go to make a new beginning. If true love is involved you can take comfort knowing that it will take a new direction. Beautiful images. Thoughtful post. Love the tulips

  8. I’m no Beyonce fan but it’s said in an old commercial ‘Embrace you past, but live for now’. It’s a good quote I think.

  9. People often say, “Forgive and forget.” I learned that this is not always the case. Forgiving a rape and forgetting it is impossible, but by accepting that it happened and a person is not responsible for the actions of others does allow growth.
    Meeting new friends is one of life’s greatest joys. Keeping ones old friends is a gift of immeasurable beauty.

  10. Such lovely photos, Ramona. You are very beautiful. I also enjoyed your writing about letting go of the past and forming new relationships.
    Well done!

  11. Very interesting and inspiring. I’m not quite certain that we *need* to let go of the Past as much as not being tethered by its bad experiences without learning from our mistakes and/or miscalculations. Fear of the unknown should not one back for going out and exploring. I have always an introvert outsider, always standing on the edge of any gathering, but more and more I have taken some pleasure in inching just a little closer to the middle.

    Have a great day!
    PS Let me end with a quote from of one of my favourite songs on the subject, The Roots’ “You Got Me”

    I’ve seen people caught in love like whirlwinds
    listening to they squads and listening to girlfriends
    that’s exactly the point where they whole world ends
    lies come in, that’s where that drama begins, she like

  12. I love the comparison you made between growing relationships/friendships and tulips, what a nice idea 🙂 Tulips are my favourite flower and these ones are beautiful, so bright! I also really love your trousers, such a great read and the photos are gorgeous!


  13. You are a very thoughtful young woman with a great sense of beauty. You have many questions, but I’m sure you will in time find the answers that are right for you.

  14. I agree with all of it. You have to keep the door open for someone to enter and for someone to throw out. Also keep a check, if someone is jarring/blocking the door. 😉
    Beautiful post.
    Thank you very much for the follow. You support is appreciated. 🙂

  15. I love the tulip metaphore @}}-
    To answer your question ~ there’s not just a standard answer here. We can learn from our past, both good and bad lessons, and cherish friends of old. Yet, we should be open to and never deprive ourselves of new experiences and people. My compliments for the photography and stunning designs you’re wearing.

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