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A few weeks ago I thought to redecorate the bedroom and more specific I thought to create an inspirational gallery wall. I felt the need for more space and a change of color and texture. A minimalistic black and white design would be perfect for this winter. I have the tendency to redecorate every time I need freshness and this way I keep boredom and routine away. I can’t say that this was my idea. It was or like an inspiration and I hope it will become the same for you too. As you saw in the title it is about a gallery wall. Lately it began to be found in every house as a center piece and in addition to that it is cheap. Of course I found a way to make it very cheap and because of that I am very surprised even though it is not finished yet.

Inspirational frames - Ramona Crisstea - sketch

If I got your attention and maybe convinced you to try even on a small portion of a wall here are the steps that I followed:

How to create an inspirational gallery wall - The list

Inspirational gallery wall - Ramona Crisstea

First step :

Choose your frames depending on the design of the room for the best result. You can choose vintage frames of the same color, with models or combined. I wanted to present you a more minimalistic part of this gallery wall concept. I have chosen simple black frames bought from a local shop. If you use the same color frames make sure to get the frames from the same set. When we are talking about a wall we will need 11+ frames depending on their sizes.

Ramona Crisstea- Inspirational gallery wall

Second step:

The next step involves knowing what to print. Everything must come from within. We love so many things and we don’t realize that actually it is easy to choose. Pinterest comes at our aid and everything will be ok. You can choose to go on the same object. For example you can create an entire gallery wall of leafs or with your family. But if you choose to create the family gallery wall you must go to a specialized shop to print your photos. I tried to make everything as easy and accessible as possible.

Ramona Crisstea - gallery wall (2)

I have chosen simple things and quotes that inspire me, wrote them with my favorite font, printed and cut them. Also a few watercolor drawings from Pinterest that really appealed to me. Sketches and so on. On a side not I had huge problems with my printer that broke down but being very stubborn I did not give up and continued with the same enthusiasm from when I have found the perfect frames. I suggest you to use pictures with a white background, sketches, quotes and photos as simple as possible.

Third step:

There is a part of the frame that must be removed for a better gluing on the wall. Then we open the frame, put our picture in the front of a white paper which has the frame dimensions.

Ramona Crisstea - gallery wall 2

The photo and the support are fixed with the openers. We move on to the next step.

Ramona Crisstea - gallery wall inspirational steps

Ramona Crisstea - gallery wall 7

Fourth step:

When all the frames are done we must apply the tape.

Ramona Crisstea - gallery wall 9


Then we put our frames on the wall in any position that appeals to us. We can use some layouts from the internet when we are not inspired. I have chosen to display them in a random fashion.

What was the final result?

Ramona Crisstea- Inspirational gallery wall

Ramona Crisstea - inspirational galley wall

So far I am very pleased and I can’t wait to finish and show you, and also a new tutorial on how to sew our own pillows for this season.

I hope that this was helpful and if you have any questions please ask!

Best wishes, ramonacrisstea


47 thoughts on “ How to create an inspirational gallery wall ”

  1. Super idea Ramona….All made so easy by your illustrations and instructions……I like the final outcome with your putting the final touches….Very good. 🙂

  2. This was such a great post!! 🙂 awesome ideas!! It’s something I’ll definitely try in the near future! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing


    Xoxo Jessy

  3. Okay, so I’ve been following you for a while, and I guess I still have a few questions. Well I gathered you’re from Romania, by the cities and landmarks (I would know, because I live there.) but what I’m not entirely sure is if you are a designer, or model? Perhaps you’re both? If you’re a designer, then that’s pretty good work, and how could someone get your clothing? Being that I live in Bucharest, I would love to show my girl your designs if their in a store somewhere…

  4. Great ideas! I have some old frames lying around. I think I’ll spray paint them bright colors and throw them up in my office wall with some inspirational quotes. Thanks for the idea!

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