Ramona Crisstea - How to get an accessible wardrobe

High quality clothes and an impeccable makeup will always radiate positive energy. A woman should always first think about her health, beauty and finances. Don’t be passive. You can change and become truly fabulous. Gaining self-confidence takes time, caring and of course love.

  • It is indicated to have a budget for your clothes, just like you have a budget for your daily food. Being well dress is not a luxury, but one of the conditions to have a balanced life. The clothes are our shell and nobody should feel guilty to want to share with the world the best version of herself. This is as important as living in a respectable place or having refined taste. It is a whole.


  • All this time you must also take in consideration the things that you need, and only after to think about the price of the product. Expensive clothes must be worn for a long time and as much as possible. The more expensive the more must be worn.


  • You can choose stiches as classic as possible, brands that are trusted, and especially clothes that are easy to maintain. You can start with a simple pair of black leather shoes, that will fit something for sure.



Especially never buy clothes just because you think it will be a good deal.

  • Put your clothes in a specific order. When are correctly folded, and placed accordingly in the wardrobe they will last much longer. In my opinion it is better to put the clothes for different seasons in different places and change those places as the seasons change. This way you will avoid confusion when opening the wardrobe.

We must respect our clothes just like we respect our body.

This way you will become at ease and experience a very nice feeling.♥

Best wishes, ramonacrisstea


12 thoughts on “ How to get an Accessible Wardrobe ”

  1. Very interesting info & useful site. Reminds me of the older generation, my mother always had good clothes (often expensive) & house clothes. She always changed to her house clothes after going on an outing. Her clothes lasted a long time that way. She also washed them carefully.
    And thank you for the ‘follow’.

  2. I never thought about any of these things this way… I would also love to read ‘how to organize our clothes in wardrobe’ post from you, because I have serious issues with that. 🙁

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