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Firstly here is a small hello from my Instagram. Here I am.

How did I get here?

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Yes a lot of people are asking me this. Honestly even I don’t know clearly how I got here. Or yes I know, I started with my boyfriends phone, which wasn’t my boyfriend at that time, only my best friend and of course I used his phone. I created an account and back then I didn’t even own a smartphone. Funny.

If you are wondering, I did not plan on becoming a blogger but I still wanted those gorgeous photos. And I started to follow all the lists from my friends, I was entering on their Facebook, follow all their friends. The funny part was that I was not bothered by the fact that I had many following. I decided on what I wanted to post and people started to appreciate it and all became like a rollercoaster. As the number of likes grew so were the followers and was getting more excited. When I launched my blog I became truly serious about my Instagram account, even though, in the 102 weeks I posted not so often as I wanted.One thing is clear. I wanted to be devoted to my photos and obtain a perfect quality.

Ramona Crisstea

When you want to progress you start following everywhere how you can get to such a high number on Instagram. I will give you some tips, or to be precise I will answer the titles of other posts from bloggers and show you how I managed to do it.



Like a boss? Yes. At first everything is in your hands. You must decide on what to post and the photos must look impeccable. Don’t try to over-edit them with the Instagram filters even if it is tempting. The cleaner Instagram, the better and the numbers should grow.



What Should You Post On Instagram | 10 Ideas for Creating Original Content

Remain faithful to your chosen domain and try not to mix it with many things. To create original content you will need inspiration. Search people from your niche and analyze what they are posting, if it is catching or what tags are they using. Using as less tags as possible is preferred and a very brief and concise description. Eccentricity lies in every one of us. Everything is inspiring, we just have to open our minds and see everything from a different perspective. This way we will become more originals and perfect.

6 Ways To Create a More Engaged Instagram Audience

Don’t be afraid to follow people from your domain. Gather as many people as possible near you and show them your work. Appreciate and you will be appreciated! The ones that you prefer you can share their pictures on your profile and create a relationship. This way you can recruit new followers.

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This is funny. I don’t really do this. But what you can to do make a photo perfect is crop, contrast and brightness.

How to grow your Instagram (2) How to grow your Instagram


Exactly what I told you above. On repeat. But always know that quality matters the most. Try not to make a mess of your Instagram, keep the colors in order and the followers should come on their own. The crazy thing is that you can grow your Instagram followers just by following everyone from your niche. Let everyone know about you.

This is the way Negin became such a worldwide known blogger. Just take a look at her followers number.Negin

5 Fresh Instagram Photo Trends You Should Try

It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger or only a fan, you can try this.


I hope all this will help you. I was very sincere and on the future I will try to create as many posts like this as possible.

Best wishes, ramonacrisstea

30 thoughts on “ How to grow your Instagram ”

  1. Great post! I just post photos on IG as I go… I don’t think about the colour or anything… but perhaps I should start doing that… mmm… difficult 🙂 Love, Kathleen

  2. Hi there. Thanks for following so that I could find you, and in turn this super useful post. I really want to focus on Instagram in 2016 and this has given me some great ideas. I’m actually thinking of having a mix of my own photos and ‘Featuring’ others to keep the standard of the images high. Do you ever use other peoples photos on your account with permission of course! Anyway. Follow back from me 🙂

  3. My concern with following so many on Instagram is that the people I want to see the most from get lost in my feed. I worry that my posts would get lost in the feeds of those who follow so many as well.

  4. Wow, taking notes & saving up for later! I’m currently trying out an instagram bot that automatically likes pictures based on location or tags or another user’s followers. It’s really cool and super effective! If anyone would like to know more about it, feel free to ask =)

  5. Hi Romana! Thank you for following my blog, and for introducing me to your beautiful blog with helpful posts like this one above. Be well. -Moira

  6. Hi, Ramona! I’ve been doing WordPress for several years but haven’t really grown my following, saw this Instagram post, which is another area I’m working on expanding, and have to say this really inspired me. THANK YOU! I’m an artist, in more than one sense of the word. I have been interested in photography since my Junior year in High School taking a Black & White Photo Class (1978). I tend to “document” everything with my camera or phone camera, which drives my family crazy. BUT, those who “get me” appreciate what I capture. I’m kinda quirky and eclectic on what I shoot, and what I’m interested in. Even if it’s just for my satisfaction, I enjoy having a place to post and revisit my work. I appreciate the positives on HOW to magnify my work. BLESSINGS to you in your look and your niche! Happy blog/posting! 🙂

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