Every single one of us can paint the picture of our lives by choosing the colors, style and materials. We actually choose the way we see the world. In other words, our living style changes by the way we look at the world. We choose what to see, smell, read and feel and write down on a piece of paper all of these details. By writing down some details we actually choose what we do with our life.

Every day and every minute passionate moments can happen. If you want to add a speck of colour to your life start writing down little stories. This way you will realize just how creative, unique and sensible the human mind is.

Sometimes is good to take in consideration all of these thoughts because a day comes when I want to try a new dress with a unique bag to match it, making it special. The human imagination is very rich and in today world nobody could tell you that two clothing pieces don’t match. Most of the time your imagination is above everyone’s else and by choosing something different is the right step. I was thinking the same about why not trying to wear an elegant dress with a normal bag instead of an envelope bag. Vivid colours are always standing forward and put you in the center of the attention. I felt that the Wildinga bag matched perfectly with the blue lace dress. In addition to that I was even bolder and have chosen gold accessories to complete the outfit.

My advice for you is to let carried away by your imagination and dare to choose bold pieces in the future.

You can find the Wildinga bag – HERE

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22 thoughts on “ How to wear a lace dress with a Wildinga bag ”

  1. Oh to be young again and able to wear that dress. Looks lovely on you, and the purse does accent. Perfect colors ~ a favorite, blue with pink. 🙂

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