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A few years ago these pants became my best friend. I love to wear, no matter the occasion, a pair of high waisted pants, no matter if are jeans, pants, loose or fit, black or any color whatsoever.

In the following years, I believe high waisted pants will be a must in our wardrobe, saving us in every difficult situation.

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A few days ago I decided to make another visit to the botanical garden. It is such a great place as I said before. This time I decided to take some photos outside too. I have chosen to wear a pair of fit high waisted pants. Most of the time I do not know what to wear due to the changing weather, because of that I use darker looks. However, I try to give it a splash of color. Actually is a far stretch to say that the splash of color is the withe from the cardigan. In my opinion this cardigan works best with a darker, simpler look. As you know, walks are way more enjoyable and warmer when you have a beautiful cardigan.

You can find this cardigan on Zaful.

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23 thoughts on “ How to wear high waisted jeans ”

  1. I was a young woman in the 80’s and all we wore were high waisted pants. I have been wearing low riding pants for many years now, and would gladly change back! Nice to see these pants are fashion forward!

  2. you know what’s funny. I swear in the early to mid 2000’s these were referred to as mom jeans lol. Now they’re fashionable again. i like them that’s for sure but i don’t think i can rock them.

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