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I am that type of person which enjoys advice regarding perfumery. I only like the sweet ones. I adore the perfume guides with scents that help me a lot in choosing the perfect essence. I always like to try something new, so I change the perfume periodically depending on who I am meeting or what event I am attending. In my opinion you have nothing to lose if you take your friends advice and try something new.

Ramona Crisstea - Infinite Love

Recently, regarding perfumes, I have tried Infinite Love. This brand creates essences of famous perfumes. You will be pleasantly surprised by the quality and price of those products. In addition to that you can choose from a wide range of perfumes the one that you love the most.

Ramona Crisstea- Infinite Lovee

I got two Versace. One Versace Vanitas and the other one that I like it a lot and it is very dear to me is Versace Bright Crystal, a perfume with a floral scent. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that it was just like I knew it, sweet and seductive attracting whoever enjoys the same scent. At first you will smell citrus flavors and after that magnolia and lilies. On top of that the sweet scents are balanced with a lotus flavor. The final result is a soft and pure flavor. Bright Crystal is a summer perfume. I like to use it no matter the season but depending on the event as I told you before. I recommend you to try Infinite Love.

Ramona Crisstea

Ramona Crissteaa

No matter what is your favorite flavor a perfume should never miss from your outfit. A women is known by the perfume she wears.

Floral, fresh, oriental, what kind of person are you?

You can find it HERE

Ramona Crisstea

Best wishes, ramonacrisstea



9 thoughts on “ Infinite Love ”

  1. I have also been a longtime lover of bright crystal by Versace! I recently though have gotten addicted to Amber oil and have received so many compliments and have gotten so many of my friends addicted as well! You have a beautiful blog!!!

  2. Hi Ramona 😉 I don’t know if you remember me, but you used to follow my blog.
    I only want you to know that I have changed my address: now it’s http://www.fall4fashion.net
    I would be very happy if you checked it out.
    Let me know what you think about it, and if you like it you could also subscribe and like.
    I hope you’ll enjoy it!
    P.S: your blog is amazing. I love your style and pictures, GREAT JOB!♥

  3. I love the name of this one alone. as a man I didn’t realize all that went into how people react to different smells. I was always aware that everybody gives off a natural musk , but there’s a real science to what fragrances are added on top of our natural musk. looking forward to reading more of your posts. thank you so much… Smelling as fresh as I can, Beetle Bailey

  4. The word “infinite” freaks me out. I can sense the past, all the way back to our origins. Infinite is endless, and not possible. But, for some un–known reason, people want to hold on in-finish, endless. ongoing to something that is neither necessary, nor wanted nor required.
    LOVE is an emotion, that needs to be maintained. You can not hold on to it, nor lock it in, with metal chains nor contracts. Let it happend. Let it come and go, no matter what society tells you. Love, is, unconditional, in its essence.
    IF you LOVE unconditionally, you are controlled or fear to loose it. Let it go. IT will find you, again. If not in this life, then in your next.
    I fell in love, with almost 50 females. But, they believe in equal rights, in winning, in controlling, in ….
    I believe, in freedom, fairness, truth, spontaneity, ….
    And YOU?

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