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Don’t be the kind of persons who prefer to do nothing so that you will face reality. Reality isn’t as harsh as you believe. You don’t have to live with the fear that you will regret it later. As humans we must take any risk and fear we have so that anyone else wouldn’t take advantage of us. It isn’t always easy to act.


But why feel remorse before its time? Accept the idea that you can make mistakes. The persons who succeed in life are the ones who take the most risks. This is the truth and I bet you heard it before. I keep telling myself this until I will succeed. Even that you know that you are not yet there keep repeating to yourself that the one who takes risks makes it in life and share this advice.





I wished that I would have written more in the last weeks but every time I had some free time the weather was against me. Today was a beautiful day in Cluj-Napoca although when I finished my photo-shoot it started to rain. I managed to create this outfit with 2 given pieces of which I am very excited. This beautiful watch is from Kapten & Son and the jumpsuit from ZNU.


watch edit

What I wore:

Jumpsuit – ZNU

Watch- Kapten & Son

Purse – H&M

Sandals – Stradivarius

Belt- Mohito

Best wishes,ramonacrisstea


27 thoughts on “ Life style.. ”

  1. That jumpsuit it is sooo cute and looks STUNNING on you!! 🙂
    Lately i’ve been also embracing my mistakes cause I learnt different lessons and think “next time will be better then!”

    Xoxo Jessy

  2. Very happy that you read my blog, Ramona and glad to visit yours. If comments are rare, it is because I’m on slow-speed internet in central Canada. I can only have two webpages open at a time; including e-mail! I love acquainting the people all over the world, who like something on my blog. It’s fun to know you are a model; wonderful variety of outfits in different places. You wear them all well.

    Same as you, especially in my province; being out in warm weather is a must! Our blogs will always be here when we have time to write. 🙂 You bet, taking risks to spend time with whom and doing what we love, is a must. Some of my own relatives gave me grief for stepping away from outside work to take writing seriously. My novel’s only in beginning stages and no one can say I’d make a cent on it any time soon. But it wasn’t happening when I was busy and this was my decision; to live humbly and really practice and DO this. For me, the risk is low finances and people thinking I’m unmotived, or unemployed. It’s all up to me: what my fiancé & I think. 🙂 Sincerely, Carolyn.

  3. Hi!
    You received 239 likes on this post?! Congratulations! I came by to thank you for visiting my site Reflections today. I am glad you liked my post about needing material to reblog. I see you are a fashion blogger. If you have any articles even remotely related, come back and leave a link. If not, Danny, whose article I reblogged, will accept anything. Nice to meet you.

  4. The shoes! Ah!! OMG, are you sure they are from Stradivarius?! They are adorable. I will go looking for them to attend a long-awaited Theater Show in Abu Dhabi next month for sure, although my toes are extremely sensitive to high heals, but what can I do? Price of elegance!

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