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Having a good presence makes such a strong impression over others, that we don’t need to have great bodies in order to be beautiful. The quality of the presence gives us our charm.

Try to avoid letting your thoughts be seized by the evil words of the society. You can renew yourself every day through the choices you make. Giving uniqueness to your thoughts, you leave your own print over life, no matter if you create a bouquet of flowers or a painting. Try to find your own way to feel better in your mind and skin.

Ramona CrissteaRamona Crisstea -Lilac

lilacRamona Crisstea Lilac

You manifest your presence by the way you behave. Do not hesitate to give yourself a flower, anytime you can, because it will help discover yourself due to the harmony and beauty the flower provides. Now is the time of the lilac and is perfect to have it in your home to enjoy its wonderful perfume.

Ramona Crisstea-LilacRamona Crisstea blog

What I wore:

Little black dress designed by me

Best wishes, ramonacrisstea

48 thoughts on “ #Lilac ”

  1. Greetings,

    This is a wonderful post. All of what you is powerful, such as: “The quality of the presence gives us our charm.”

    You are lovely in that little black dress.

    All good wishes,


    1. What beautiful photographs and flowers and what a lovely dress! The dress is so elegant and suits you so well you look beautiful in it. You should carry on designing and making dresses and writing these positive posts.

      1. Well okay but I’m thinking you mean Ramona. Unless of course you know something about me I don’t know about me just from me wearing a skirtish thingy.

  2. Bonsoir mon Ami ou Amie RAMONA
    Je viens tout en douceur
    Avec mon petit sourire
    Et ma bonne humeur
    Te souhaiter tout ce qu’il peux y avoir de meilleur dans ce monde
    Passe une belle soirée
    Une très belle fin semaine surtout avec du soleil
    Je te fais un très grand signe d’amitié
    Pleins de bisous pour embellir cette amitié qui règne entre nous depuis xxx temps


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