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I always come back with so much love at Colibita. It is such a place that takes you in an infinite dream and reminds you about all the pleasures of life. This time the exploration was rather short but I enjoyed it deeply. In this post I prepared a surprise for you, a video I made that I managed to upload on my blog. It is the first video with myself and I hope you will enjoy it.

Mind explorer Ramona CrissteaRamona-Crisstea-Mind-Explorer-Colibita

When it comes to travelling I never take out from the equation the places I have already been. I want to revisit them and remember all the beautiful memories I had there. I find this method to be very useful in order to remember special moments form our life. This is the main reason why I come back here but also the serene and beautiful landscapes that attract me.CrissteaMind-explorer-colibita-ramona-crisstea Mind-Explorer

The shirt was created by me and I hope you enjoy it!

Best wishes, ramonacrisstea


53 thoughts on “ Mind explorer ”

  1. Greetings,
    This may now be my all-time favorite post on your blog :).
    You look absolutely gorgeous in this outfit. Stylish and cool…it is wonderful. And the landscape around you is stunning.
    And the video is great. The music matches you perfectly :).
    All good wishes,

  2. I love the shirt, and the wild boho look. I look ridiculous in boho, but I love it on other people!

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