Does anyone else feel all this haste that is about to begin?

Yes I am talking about the exam session. Time is so important during this period, every second must be well calculated. These days I worked a lot at the Machine Elements project, lots of days and nights lost to finish it. Even though sometimes I calculate my time very well, this time it tricked me. I had to lose some nights to re-enter my normality zone with my other subjects and projects. This is my excuse why I haven’t been posting on my blog.

*And I will unveil you some secrets on  how to learn easier, what are the best locations and methods that I use on my next post.




mockbergmockberg 2


With all my issues involving time I can say that the Universe fixed all these problems. Mockberg Watches thought to make me a present and I received from them a wonderful watch. Since I got it I am more motivated than ever to overcome all the obstacles even though time works against me, as I say. This is a sign telling me to pay attention and everything will solve. The true philosophy is self-discipline. We must confront ourselves and I am willing to do it.





Tomorrow finally I will go to Bucharest at Digital Divas and because of this I want to thank all of you for all the support and of course for voting me, which meant a lot to me not matter what the final result may be. Thank you very much!

If you wish a Mockberg watch check this out!  Www.Mockberg.Com


Best wishes,ramonacrisstea


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  1. So – you’re a philosopher, a fashionista, and you’re studying for an engineering degree? I always assumed that one of those was incompatible with the other two. So maybe after fifty-four years I should learn how to dress.

  2. Hello! I lost all of my followers when I switched my site. Somehow I was able to retrieve your name. Come back and check out my new site and follow again. Thanks! I lost all of my stats! Ugh!!!

    Je viens te souhaiter une excellente journée
    Et t’ offrir ce superbe bouquet pour la fête des mamans de ce dimanche prochain
    Bonne fête à toutes les mamans ainsi qui ne sont encore pas mère
    Je ne suis guère présent en ce moment
    le net ne me dis rien

    Qui , pour Toi, a été spécialement composé
    De Bégonias pour l ‘Amitié
    D’ Amandées pour l Espoir
    D’ Eglantines pour le Bonheur
    Et de Jasmin pour le Parfum
    Le tout délicatement maintenu par un fil de Tendresse
    Baisers Fleuris
    Gros Bisous

    Bonne fête à toutes les mamans ainsi qui ne sont encore pas mère


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