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When it comes to beauty products I prefer to get the ones that also protect and help my skin. It is very important when we want to buy a beauty product to think firstly at our skin. Many products can offer a temporary beautification, but why should we choose something that helps us only for a short period of time when we have other, more healthy and long lasting alternatives. It is very important to think this way in our days and is perfect to aquire products that you can spoil with on the short and long term.

Love affair parfumEssentials - Ramona Crisstea

Probably I have not told you too much about the products that I use but I think that time has come. Many of the products that I use are from Eisenberg Paris which is a  French luxury cosmetics, makeup and perfume Brand with a genuine passion for Beauty, Perfection, Art and Excellence!


Detalis - Eisenberg

They have a wide variety of products and trying them I realized that are well suited for my skin and most importantly the results over time are very impressive. I enjoy wearing little make-up as you probably noticed already from my other posts. I believe that simplicity is very important and if you manage to accept your imperfections thae only beauty products that you will need will be only the basics such a moisturing cream and a very good cleansing cream. An approapiate cleaning of your skin has many benefic properties. And most importantly when you go to the beach don’t forget the sun protection cream. For me Eisenberg is the perfect choice.

Ramona Crisstea - Eisenberg

Perfect formy skin


In the end I want to share you my little secret from one of my bags and that is the Eisenberg Paris Love Affair fragrance.

Ramona Crisstea Love affair

You can fiind the Eisenberg products HERE.

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7 thoughts on “ My Beauty Routine with EISENBERG ”

  1. As a male who has never used beauty products in his life, I can’t really relate to a lot of this. I do try to understand things for my wife’s side of things though. At least I can recognize those times when she does take the opportunity to put on some make-up and how much work goes into it.

  2. I agree with you- simplicity is best! The more make-up you pile on the more it looks like you’ve piled make-up on. I’ll have to see if I can find these products somewhere in Canada…

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