The new year always comes with changes. Each and every one of us think about improving ourselves and start the new year as good as possible. I wish you all the best for this new year and I will also do my best to come with new challenges and interesting posts. This year I will try to implement some changes, both for me and my blog.



I wanted to start the new year in a beautiful and warm note. Winter is installed in my city and in the first day of the year I wanted to enjoy a green day, to be more specific, at the Botanical Garden of Cluj-Napoca. This place is so peaceful and serene. I needed it. Every single one of us has that quiet and special place where we meditate.  ramona-crisstea

December was a month full of gifts, many of which are clothes perfect for the new year, statements that everyone should have in their wardrobe. The new year is challenging. Last year I started to admire the silver watches and finally I got mine, a Lambretta. Probably many of you heard about the Lambretta scooters but also they managed to start a watch business. Their watches capture the feelings of freedom, fun and independence. The most interesting part of this watch is that it gives you the feeling of an unisex watch and guess who was very happy to wear it also? You are right, my boyfriend. This watch is perfect for any outfit and in addition to that, you can lend it to your boyfriend.

lambretta-watch ramona-crisstea-1ramona-crisstea-3

Even though winter is well installed here, I did not abandon the dresses that I love a lot, dresses that give you the feeling summer is just around the corner. You can find the dress on Shein – right Here.

ramona-crisstea-lambretta lambretta-watc-deails-ramona-crisstea

I can’t wait to try new ideas and wear new accessories and clothes this year!

Lambretta watch – HERE

Best wishes,ramonacrisstea




22 thoughts on “ New changes ”

  1. Greetings,
    This is one of your very best posts. The dress is absolutely gorgeous. The photos of you are some of the most beautiful I’ve seen!

  2. That is a gorgeous dress. I absolutely adore the off the shoulder look and you accent it well with the choker and other pieces. You look marvelous.

    An indoor botanical garden is such a great idea on how to escape winter too! I wish we had something like that here in Oregon, USA. Ah well. Thank you for sharing.

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