This is a look from this summer. It seems that it got lost through all the photos, but as I cleaned a bit my PC I found it and I thought it would be nice to post it. This is one of my all black looks. I can’t let go of all the simple looks and I just love them because I feel that they do not draw attention this much. Every single one of us has those moments when they get out of the house and wish not to be observed or noticed.

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I wanted to have such a day where everything goes well and spend my night to an elegant restaurant where I could enjoy my dinner. In such moments I wear subtle and simple outfits that boost my confidence. In the end the night was perfect and I managed to enjoy my time wearing such simple pieces.

What I wore:

Sunglasses – HERE

Top – Here

Watch – HERE

Sandals – HERE

Best wishes,Β ramonacrisstea


30 thoughts on “ Perfect balance ”

  1. Simple is outstanding, and the cliche, “Less is more” is also apropos here. Being well-dressed does add to the enjoyment of one’s dinner, as the servers feel complimented by diners in fine apparel.

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