Ramona-Crisstea-Picnic-timeRamona-Crisstea-Picnic-details-in-Transylvania-natureRamona Crisstea Picnic

After many classic films viewed in the last days, I wanted a classic picnic outside the city, with a gorgeous view and full of fresh air. I sewed a simple dress , I prepared a basket with all my favourite sweets and went in the search of such a place.

It felt so nice to spend an afternoon outside after all these days spent in the house learning in the last 2 months. I felt how well it is to let go and create time for yourself and just relax.


A picnic could be a great idea for you and your friends or boyfriend, to enjoy a quality and relaxing time. It was my first picnic with my boyfriend, and I managed to prepare everything we love to the smallest detail. We enjoyed all the silence and beauty every moment. I needed a picnic outside the city to leave behind all the noise and haste.

Don’t forget to relax and adventure yourself in an escape out of the city because is the most relaxing thing.



Best wishes,Β ramonacrisstea


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  1. The colours in the photographs are unbelievable – I think you have captured the essence of a classic pastime perfectly.

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