RC - Je t'aimeOne of the most instagrammable spots in Paris is the place at Opera Garnier. A vision of opulence was brought to life by the architect, Charles Garnier in 1862. Palais Garnier was commissioned by Napoleon III, who wanted to create an opera that would astonish Parisians and visitors alike, so even if I was not inside I can feel that opulence from outside and enjoy it. My bad luck was that the Opera was closed that day and also the next days, so I only could take photos outside. But as you can see the place is pretty nice and really reminds me of the Teather from Bucharest, which is giving me the same vibe from outside.

Ramona Crisstea (8)

Ramona Crisstea (1)Ramona Crisstea (3)

The place is not so crowded, I was walking on the Paris streets and was a regular day and you can take easily photos there. Right over the corner you can find a store with papers and magazines to get a memory from there or just to read the news and to add to your collection the Paris Vogue from that month.Ramona Crisstea (10)

 So if the photographer is taking photos from his height you will see that you don’t look so good in photos and you may look even more shorter and I know you don’t want that so the secret is for all your photos to be done from downside, and then you can spot the differences.




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  1. Good photography tip! Reminded me of movies I’ve seen in which the camera shot is from a low angle to make the actor look bigger than he really is. Thanks for reminding me of this technique!

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