This summer seems to be very promising.

It was so nice and hot, but nothing compares with the beautiful summer rains. They are so nice and you can feel everything around you getting cool becoming much more alive.


However this could be a little tricky when we have to choose what to wear. It is hot and suddenly it is cold. Because of this is quite hard to choose a perfect outfit for both weathers. My advice for you is to choose a comfortable look and also always have near you a jacket and an umbrella. Believe me, it is pointless to wait inside until the weather gets better because we will miss such a wonderful period.

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Now my question. Are you the types of persons who wait?


I read in a book this article and I wanted to share this subject with you. In this particular case I know many persons including my friends which avoided to go out because of the bad weather. We spend a lot of our life time waiting. Waiting for anything form a job, a holiday, love, wealth, happiness but this doesn’t mean living through anticipation.




We should project ourselves in the present moment and enjoy everything around you. In my opinion waiting is quite unpleasant. It is just a state of mind and we should get rid of it and enjoy the present moment and life.



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What I wore:

T-shirt – Teranova

Jeans – Vero moda

Shoes – New look

Jacket – Zara

Bag – Mohito

Watch – Balber

Best wishes,ramonacrisstea





50 thoughts on “ Rainy days ”

  1. very nice, I agree, don’t wait because one day you will wake up and realize that you are old, like me, and are still waiting! nice job, and you are such a lovely young woman! the best to you πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for the visit! Music plays such an important role in our emotional make-up each day. I hope you will stop by often and enjoy some uplifting music and please, tell a friend about us!

  3. Definitely not a person that waits because those who wait expect for things to fall into place or others to make things happen for them. Its quite simple … you want something, don’t wait around for it – simply get up and go and get it! Nothing in life is handed to us in a golden platter. Of course you have explained all this in the most beautiful manner possible. Lovely post girl and that outfit is the perfect portrayal of an on fleek casual outfit; your sunnies are my favorite!

    Xo. http://www.sonamnaiducreative.com

  4. Your blog is always a special treat. I turn 63 this summer, and I understand, fully, why we should never wait. Life is for now! Live joyously and in the moment. ❀️

  5. First, I’d like to say that I love your blog. It’s professionally done with style, photographs, and you have something to say. The reader would be drawn to read. You present your thoughts well. From your photographed pictures, you could easily be a model. Your blog is full of color and the background scenery is beautiful.
    Waiting? I do not wait till the rain passes, for I love the rain. I pull on a parka and waterproof sneakers or boots and wander into the mist of it. I was recently in Charleston touring the historic Magnolia Cemetery and it came a downpour. My parka was soaked and I kept walking through water puddles to take pictures and loved it. Great pictures I took in the rain. Went back the next day and took pictures in the sun. I preferred the rainy day ones.

    1. Thank you very much for the kind words and yes it is such a beautiful moment when you get lost in the rain and become one with it!
      Be sure to come back for more future posts!
      Best wishes, R

  6. I spent years lifeguarding in my younger years. It was a gift in a way. You were in charge of the safety of the swimmers which is a critical task and at the same time you were exposed to the elements. You had to turn off the fact that you were not in a good place and focus on the moment with the swimmers.

    Now, it is just rain or cold. I do not let it stop me for it is only a small set back in reaching my goal.

  7. No, I am not the kind of person who waits. It just looks like I’m waiting because I don’t see what I’m looking for. That doesn’t mean that I’m not working double-duty overtime trying to create the conditions of its manifestation.

    One thing I am curious about is whether the venues you shoot are always this vacant. I was in Bulgaria in 1992, and many of the monuments were sparsely visited for economic reasons. I’m wondering whether Rumania is going through something similar.

  8. It is not that but sadly the Romanian monuments and attractions are not well showcased and because of that many places are unseen. Even us Romanians don’t know all the wonders that this country can provide.
    Best wishes, R

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