Minimalism is a tool which helps you find freedom. In one word it all comes down to simplicity. If we think, our essence is not in things but we still continue to gather them believing those things are the real memories. This is a very wrong perspective, our mind keeps the real memories and moments, not a thing which makes our decisions harder.If every one of us would simplify everything our life would be much easier, our spiritual being would improve considerably.IMG_0789 The minimalism brings discipline and attention to details.Learning to let go of useless objects, as my mother always says, “are only symbolic”, we could grow up to the next level and surround us only with great moments and forget about all those things. All these decisions eliminate the negative parts and help you have a more elegant vestimentary style, a more welcoming house and even a freer schedule. We have so many things around us and we see how these things invade our space, more and more even distract us from all the important things and moments.

Ask yourselves.

  • How many pairs of pants do you have?
  • All of them are worth?
  • How many pairs of pants do I wear?
  • I need the pants that I didn’t wear in the last 3 months?

If we try this simple exercise and ask ourselves what we should keep and what not, we start to understand the minimalist concept. If we could understand that all the things around us are not possessed by us but posses us, then we could search for wiser principles.


Firstly you can make a list with all your belongings. This will help you choose what is really important and useful. And remember that weight is the real enemy for both your health and also the things around you.

Minimalism helps us to:


Even though for some persons might be hard to adopt this lifestyle I just want to advise you that the approach of a simple outfit will never fail.It is important to learn that no matter how old we are, in our wardrobe should always be a simple black or white shirt, a black suit jacket and a simple black pair of pants. Even though we know that these pieces don’t work out with our personal style, they will help us in different difficult situations.


It has been a long time since I last read a poetry book. Finally I got one called ” Te voi iubi pana la sfarsitul lumii” which means “I will love you till the end of the world” and I felt that this book is perfect, which complements this outfit and fits with the content of my post. And why not re-read the poetry from the book.



In the end I would like to share with you one more thought which made me very happy today. I learned that I was nominated at:

Best Use of Photography in blogging

Best Instagram

Best Newcomer Fashion Blog

People’s Choice Awards

Digital Diva of the Year

at a blogger competition called Digital Divas 2015.

The most important nominalization for me is Best newcomer fashion blog. I am so excited about this because even though my blog is only 7 months old I managed to get nominated for this and this is thanks to all of you, my readers.

I am so happy that you are by my side and that you make this blog alive!

I would be thrilled if you could support me in this competition. Vote for me, Ramona Crisstea !

You can vote me until the 19th of May 2015 !

Click here

It means a lot to me!

Best wishes,CR


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