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How many unanswered questions did you ask?

How many corrected questions? Or even why?

To get an answer, every question should be clear and not ambiguous. Easily formulated to get an answer as soon as possible and be listened. In everything we do we always have a choice to make.



 Everything has a meaning. There are reasons why we observe certain people and not anything else. It depends on the personality of every single one of us, some observe the beautiful and interesting stuff while others only the imperfections and bad things.

ramonacrisstea ramonacrisstea

 Those choices are actually made unconsciously by us, but we can control them by giving special attention to the choices that we want to make. When we want to make a change we can achieve that working hard.ramonacrisstea


Our mind visualizes every thing even though we are not aware of that. We create at every moment. Our mind creates our thoughts. Once we instruct our subconscious mind it will choose what we want.ramonacrisstea


I love to share my thoughts with all of you, my readers and I try to combine in my posts both personal style and personal development thoughts.I hope you enjoy my work so far and now, my question for you is…

Do you like this outfit? ♥


Best wishes,ramonacrisstea


87 thoughts on “ Right questions ”

  1. I love the way you intertwine philosophical, cultural, historical and psychological questions and ponderings with fashion. It’s very unique.
    Love the shoes and admire anyone who can actually walk in them!

  2. Gorgeous photos! Your outfit is absolutely, so chic and well put together 🙂 I love those shoes! I also love how you interspersed the photos with your thoughts. Lovely post!

  3. Love the clutch, love the jeans. I would never have thought of pairing the outfit with those shoes but it works.
    The people who notice the beautiful and interesting are happier than the people who only look for the bad in life 🙂

  4. Hey Ramona 🙂
    In answer to your question – I love the outfit! Especially the baggy sweater, and the way you have tucked a little of your long hair into it :). Also, I always enjoy reading your thoughts – I feel that they touch a deeper truth that everyone can access. That part about choosing, and choosing how we see the world, what questions we ask of it – that is great!
    Love your work :)!
    xX Zoe | http://life-gazing-and-wildstrawberries.blogspot.com/

      1. May I offer some ideas? You talked about the conscious and the subconscious. Actually while mainly relying on the conscious with occasional glimpses of the subconscious we are operating on less than half-steam. Or, our human computer is only using a part of it’s software. The result is that we are not very good at figuring things out. Particularly it is not easy to find out who we are and what we are supposed to do here. The result is that we often act not according to our best self because we have not discovered our deeper best self.

        Combine that with the free will that we have anything can happen on the basis of our less than optimum functioning of our conscious. Free will is only free if we equally can choose the right path as the left path.

        However there is also a lot of goodness in the world as we more and more learn who we really are and start acting accordingly.

        Cheers, R

  5. Do I like the outfit? Well, the sweater abstracts your torso and draws attention to your face. The large sunglasses create an aura of reticence, leaving the tiny portal of your mouth to communicate an active and questioning engagement with the world around you. You’re carrying a huge book, but hiding it behind a chic bag. Under this coy intellectualism are these skinny knees peeking out through huge holes in skinny jeans – the holes large enough that you could actually wear them as shorts, with denim flags flapping along behind you (kind of an uber fringe motif). So I think that the outfit is great as an “all work and no play makes Ramona a dull girl” protest shoot.

    That may mean that it’s causing me to ask the wrong questions – things like: Are you getting enough exercise, dear?

    Is that relevant? That is to ask: is what we wear part of a dialog that informs the questions asked by others? If so, should we garb ourselves in psychological intention? Or is the body simply a scaffold upon which to arrange abstract patterns, evoking only an emotional response as a precursor to a transaction?

    “Here, let me help you carry that…”

  6. Hello Ramona! I want to thank you for your visit to my blog “Kingdom Business” and for your follow. I am impressed with what I have seen so far here, and I will definately be back for a more in depth look at what you are doing here. Thanks again!!!

    Blessings to you.

    1. The subconscious can be instructed by repeating. When you repeat something long enough it engraves in your subconscious. As they say that repeating is the mother of learning. It may be a quite long process but once something is fixed in your subconscious is almost impossible to get rid of it.
      Thank you very much for liking the post!
      Best wishes, R

  7. To me what makes this is the length of the jeans…showing off the ankles, whereas the rest of you (except where a few tears in the jeans show through) is covered, right up to the chin and then you add the sunglasses…. even the wrists are covered. It creates a focal point, and one can understand why the Victorians got so worked up over a lady showing her ankles. Helps to have good ankles:-)

  8. Hi Ramona
    Every day I am surprised by things that come across my laptop and now just having been alerted to your liking and following my blog, I popped across to yours and have to tell you that your outfit, pictures and words have brought a smile to my face!! I love your style, the way the ripped jeans work with the beautiful shoes and chunky knit, the long hair, glasses ..just all of it!
    I have a few questions….!
    1. Where are the pics taken? Somewhere in Europe- makes me nostalgic to travel there soon!
    2. How on earth did you find my blog?? I am constantly amazed that blogs attract each other!
    Have a happy day and will look up your other blogs when get a chance!
    Thanks for the follow!!

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