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It was such a beautiful evening spent at the Bran Castle. The Bran Castle is one of the most beautiful castles in Transylvania and the place where the story about Dracula originates.

Nothing compares with the serenity of that area and the cold and gloomy air surrounding the castle. There you are able to visit all the chambers full of history and relieve that time or even experience it. I have chosen to wear a simple, classic outfit and bring a new view to the castle. I know that most of the people that visit this place are wearing comfortable traveling clothes and I can say that I wanted to surprise the castle with the dress from Zaful.

I must say that I got a big dose of history and beautiful moments. In addition to that I will present you a few moments from my road trip with my boyfriend from Transylvania and the places we have visited.

Today I finished the video and I thought that I should share it with you along with my first post from the road trip. Enjoy!

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Dress – Here

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  1. Those are amazing photos with that dress girly and the whole post was amazing ! I would really appreaciate it if u checked my blog! And I’d be happy to exchange a follow for a follow

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