I don’t know how but I forgot to post the pictures from one of my dearest places, The Peles Castle. Last year I posted another outfit from the same place and In suggested you to visit this wonderful place. This will be my last post from the road trip and I am happy that I managed to showcase you a small part of it. I really hope you enjoyed my posts.

In my study trip that I had recently I managed to visit yet again the Peles Castle. I also convinced my colleagues to visit it and they were deeply impressed. It is so weird to see that more romanians are not visiting their own country and most of the time, at such attractions I see more foreign visitors. This is also very good but I always wanted to urge my compatriots to visit their country. Romania has much to offer and many of those are hidden and delightful to discover.

The Peles Castle is one of the most impressive places to visit and it is worth visiting every time.

I hope that you also liked the dress because was created by me this summer!

 ramona-crisstea-2 ramona-crisstea-3 ramona-crisstea-5ramona-crisstea-1  ramona-crisstea

Best wishes,ramonacrisstea


21 thoughts on “ Roadtrip #PelesCastle ”

  1. The tendency of people to not go about much, in their own country-or state/province, in the case of larger nations, is not uncommon, but is unfortunate. Peles Castle is another place that has made its way onto my travel goal list, thanks to your post.

  2. Great pix but I’m surprised you didn’t mention Pelișor – not so grand but exquisite. I assume you can still visit it (I was there about 1996!). In some ways I preferred it to Peleș. You’re right about Romanians not visiting Romania. I was surprised this summer how many people living in Transylvania, beautiful of course, told me that they had never visited Bucovina, one of the world’s most beautiful places, for me the most beautiful.
    The dress is wonderful!

  3. I love how each of your posts is not just an OOTD post, but full of life lessons. Although they are simple enough, often a reminder is all we need to feel good too.

    Beautiful blog. You’re pretty! Thank you for liking a post on my blog. That brought me to you. And I am enjoying everything I read 🙂

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